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This is the main index of the 'Free Range Activism Website', the virtual home of 'Rambinactivist' Paul Mobbs, The Free Range Network, and the other campaigns they host content for

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Free Range Network

Information and resources produced by the Free Range Network, an informal collective undertaking public interest research on environmental and technological change

Ramblinactivist's ‘Meta-Blog’

Paul Mobbs' occasional blog which examines the troublesome and often difficult meanings behind today's news and events rather than simply repeating the 'conventional wisdom' of the mass/social media.

Paul Mobbs/MEIR

Paul Mobbs' works spans a many areas of technical research. This web site provides access to a selection of his written work, as well as presentations, handouts, and some videos of his past and present activities.

Banburyshire Rambles

A photo-blog from around 'Banburyshire' & ‘The Irondowns’ – the hilly land at the junction of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire – and occasionally the area beyond.

Long Walks & A/P

A blog examining today's multiple, related ecological crises – proposing that the response of us as individuals is entirely the same no matter what the issue:creating a simpler, less material lifestyle.

‘djnz’s hackblog’

A blog on ‘techno-Luddism’, documenting ideas for low-tech engineering and technology hacking to help people regain control over the tools in our lives.

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Weaponising Big Data

Wild Camping

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