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Discussing points of law outside Downing Street as part of 'Fracktured Accountability', March 2015

Paul Mobbs' Website

Paul Mobbs

Welcome to the Free Range Activism Website, the virtual home of 'Ramblinactivist' Paul Mobbs – Rambler, Researcher, Author, Activist/Hacktivist, Camp Cook, Campaigner and Quaker; but none of the subsequent parameters in that list takes place without the influence of the first.

The FRAW site

The Free Range Activism Website (FRAW) has been the on-line arm of the Free Range Network since 1996. It originally started-up as part of the GreenNet system in 1995. Initially containing just five megabytes of information for grassroots/community-based campaigners, it has evolved to holding around two gigabytes of information today.

The major part of the FRAW site is taken up by the Free Range Virtual Library. This is a categorized collection of official reports, scientific papers and educational information across a variety of themes.

FRAW Library In the early days much of the content was scanned government reports, primarily those associated with planning and local environmental regulation. Today, now that this task is being done by the government themselves, the role of the website has changed significantly. The greater issue today is gaining access to the scientific research and technical reports which are at the heart of campaigns over pollution and public policy.

The purpose of the virtual library seeks to provide the evidence to support campaigns, but more importantly, a broad base of information around a selection of issues to allow people to educate themselves.

Paul Mobbs

I've been working with community groups for over thirty years. Since 1992 I have worked as a freelance researcher, writer and environmental consultant specializing in the needs of community-based campaigns, NGOs and small companies.

My work spans a number of areas: from planning, pollution and environmental regulation; the work of local and national government; historical archive research; and tying it all together, the use of computers and information and communications technology to empower community campaigns and 'data activism'.

This web site provides access to much of my written work, as well as presentations, handouts, and some videos of my past and present activities.

You can find a more detailed review of the core of my work here.