About the ‘Meta-Blog’
Camping out in West Wales while on a
workshops tour, 2017 (can you see my tent?)

The ‘Meta-Blog’:
2019 Posts

These are the posts for the year 2019 in Ramblinactivist's ‘Meta-Blog’ – Paul Mobbs' occasional blog which examines the troublesome and often difficult meanings behind today's news and events, rather than simply repeating the 'conventional wisdom' of the mass/social media

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The ‘Meta-Blog’: 2019 articles

Articles in reverse chronological order – most recent first

October 2019

Ramblinactivist's videos 2019/03, Wednesday 9th October 2019:

To London… From midday to sunset, on the streets around Parliament and Whitehall with Extinction Rebellion

‘The Authorities’ really don’t know how to handle this; everyone dancing to the same tempo, in character or in their own right, facing down a concerted policing effort to keep them from the streets – official disruption of the organised programme can’t over-ride the unity of purpose.

Click here to go direct to the YouTube video.

September 2019

Ramblinactivist's videos 2019/02, Sunday 1st September 2019:

Blackberrying by the first Autumnal new crescent moon

A busy day, with so many twists and turns, my much-desired walk takes place in the gloom of dusk. I’d been given some wind-fall pairs; it seemed an obvious plan to try one of the blackberry-picking sites I’d scouted on recent walks to stew them with in a pie. More importantly though, with the first new moon of the Autumn, I wanted to cook-up something I hadn’t tried in a long time: a video.

Click here to go direct ot the YouTube video.

July 2019

The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.3, 3rd July 2019:

“I am calling you from BT’s technical department...”

Seeking distraction, I play ‘cat-n-psychopath’ with a cold-calling computer scammer.

Click here to download the PDF version.

June 2019

The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.2, 12th June 2019:

‘All property is theft; all intellectual property, however, is mind control’

Trying to write a new piece on the iniquities of intellectual property law for the first time in ten years, I find my opinions on the matter have hardened somewhat

Click here to download the PDF version.