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‘Out here
on the perimeter…’

A March St. David’s Day wander in the dusk

Ramblinactivist's videos – 2020/1, Sunday 1st March 2020

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‘Getting there’. Not much more to say about recent events really. Wandering off around the edge of Banbury to see the sunset and pass through the infinitely graduated shades of the dusk, I muse upon the words of Jim Morrison on being “out here in the perimeter”; this is where the most exciting changes happen.

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A March St. David’s Day wander in the dusk’
1st March 2020

For some time now I’ve resisted the need to say something explicitly that, if you have followed my work over the past year, I have been saying implicitly for some time. I haven’t said that thing because, quite simply, I haven’t had the capacity to do so.

Following eye surgery 15 months ago I find that I have had to pair down everything I do; focussing on the essential at the cost of all the ‘overheads’ that were a major part of the work I've done for the last couple of decades.

No matter. I have to say that I see better now than I did before – albeit not just my vision!

This video encompasses those ideas, which was why, in that moment in the dusk, I decided to do it on the (very muddy) spot.

Except for those who know me well this will not be clear. My work in the coming weeks will be to explain this in more detail. I know many people will find this extremely uncomfortable; but this has to be said. Although it will annoy, my response will be simply, “well, find me some better data then!” (everything is, after all, about data – isn’t it?).

Enjoy the moment. Distil the essential from the extraneous and grab a hold of it, because that is what will get us through the difficult years ahead. Watch this space!