‘Groove No.1’

Some days you wake up with a bass riff in your head and it just won’t go away. It has to be exorcised…

Earworms!. Plague of my life. From weird bluegrass, to mash-ups or rock standards played in weird time signatures. Today though I’ve a whole different problem. Today I think it might be something I’ve actually dreamt-up.

I recently listened to Brubeck’s ‘Time Out’; perhaps that was the catalyst. I awoke with a riff from a dream of travelling, and this was the result.

I tried picking it on the guitar; too bland. I even tried strumming on the auto-harp I acquired recently; too twee. In the end I cobbled a few samples and loops and this was the result.

…and yes, that is a very over-driven bass; but it took some tweaking to get the effect I heard.

Unfortunately just making the track didn’t solve the earworm problem, because it was more than that. The music fitted a scene.

After an hour or so of knob-twiddling to get the music track, I dumped everything into the (recently rebuilt) video editing machine – with some unused footage from 2019 – to get the final effect; the vision I had awoken with. It would have been lovely to do have done something a a bit more ‘Prodigy’ with both the music and video, but I don’t have the time.

More than anything, it’s just nice to be in a space where I’m starting to ‘think in music’ again. Now, at least, it’s gone from my head. Perhaps it will haunt yours? If so click on any of the links above to find something to displace it.