Boris Johnson: "One Lie Beyond" (aka., 'The Mung Beans')

This track has been brewing for some time; ever since I saw Boris' presentation to the world – representing us! – where in setting the stage for how we are going to tackle climate change he attacked 'mung bean munchers'.

To mark the beginning of Extinction Rebellion's 'Impossible Revolution' I've made a small contribution focusing on one of the key obstacles to the change necessary: Think climate change is bad? This man is in charge of saving your future!

In December 2020, Boris represented us all when he gave a speech to the world at the "Climate Ambition Summit". To quote his speech,

"And I just want to repeat that key message. We’re doing this not because we are hair shirt-wearing, tree-hugging, mung bean-munching eco freaks – though I’ve got nothing against any of those categories, mung beans are probably delicious. We’re doing it because we know that scientific advances will allow us collectively as humanity to save our planet and create millions of high skilled jobs as we recover from COVID."

Mung beans? Tree-huggers?

Clearly the Prime Minister's fear over mung beans seem to warp his mind away from having a keen focus on the actions which are required to meet the challenge of ecological collapse.

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