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The NATO Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex

Download the NATO JIAC report:

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USAF Croughton, Networked Warfare, and the Intelligence-Fusion Complex
How digital networks, data, and artificial intelligence are blurring the boundaries between military, political and civil conflict

There's also a short YouTube video outlining the information contained in the handout here:
The Global Military Infrastructure and You, June 2018

In commerce, data is the new financial ‘gold’. On the back of the Web, on-line shopping and social media, data has become a resource for those trading in goods or public opinion.

This same transformation has been underway in the military and intelligence services too.

Here though, the use of data has serious political and cultural overtones – which imperil our civil liberties, and threaten to create an ever-more illiberal surveillance state where certain types of public dissent are labelled as ‘suspect’.

In Britain, one site exemplifies this global shift in the focus of the military and intelligence services – USAF Croughton. Construction will begin soon on NATO’s Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre (JIAC). Based on the ‘intelligence-fusion’ systems developed in the USA in the wake of 9/11, the JIAC brings the use of digital surveillance and wide-ranging data analytics to Europe.

This development appears to be going ahead with – at least in public – the willing ignorance of the British government. There is no official recognition of the practices which are carried on at Croughton today, nor of those which the new JIAC development will enable in the future.

jiac developmentThe report

The report on NATO’s Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre was written by researcher and consultant, Paul Mobbs.

The report considers not only the details of the recently permitted JIAC development, but also the wider technological and policy issues surrounding 'information' and 'hybrid' warfare – and the critical role of data collection and analysis in that process.

These pages provide a web version of the report's text, and go further by providing links to additional material and reports that provides further information on the issues it considers.

The report is broken down into the following sections/pages:

Finally, we thank The Greenhouse Environmental Fundraising Group for making a grant available to fund some of the research and the production of the report.

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