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Paul Mobbs’ blog on ‘techno-Luddism’, documenting ideas for low-tech engineering and technology hacking to help people regain control over the tools in our lives

The problem with people knowing you’re ‘good with tech.’ is that they keep hassling you to tell them how to do or fix something – or they ask you, ‘how did you do that’, somehow believing that they’ll understand your answer even if you do tell them. Recently I got tired of repeating myself, so I though, ‘why not write it in a blog then just send people a link’

Hence, ‘the hackblog’:

‘djnz’s hackblog’, 12th May 2021:

‘Battling YouTube Bloat’: How watching videos on-line has become an exercise in affluent entitlement, and surveillance analytics, which I prefer to avoid

These days I routinely download YouTube videos rather than watching on-line. It’s to avoid the inherent bloat that’s taken over the YouTube world, and is clogging the Internet with people screaming into their webcams at full 4K. Additionally, it moderates the built-in surveillance that tracks your viewing habits.

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‘djnz’s hackblog’, 4th January 2021:

‘About the Blog’

OK, this is literally a bit of a hack… I need to solve a few multiple problems with as little effort as possible, and the easiest way is to create this blog. In this page I’ll explain a little as to why.

As the inaugural post to the blog I direct you to the ‘About’ page, as (in its admittedly long prose) it sums up what I’d like to achieve here.