The Free Range Network's “Fracking Truth”
stall at the Green Gathering, 2017

The Free Range Network:

The Green Gathering, 2019

This page lists the poster presentations from the Free Range Network’s ‘Fracking Truth’ stall at this year’s Green Gathering.

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These are the ‘working drafts’. Final versions will be made available in the Autumn, via the ‘The Fracking Truth’ theme page, after we have considered feedback from the public on their content. While a number of the posters are A2 size, all the posters below are A3.

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When this process is complete, each poster will have its own page listing the sources/background information used to produce it, and how readers can delve deeper into the issues raised by each poster.

mobile phones

“Why the Mobile Phone is Incompatible with an Ecological Lifestyle”

94 percent of adults in Britain had a mobile phone in 2017 – why is there no debate about the impacts of this trend?

election democracy

“We live in a democracy”

Can you show me some evidence of that?

tsbn“The Tufton Street Brexit Nexus”
A map of the 'well connected' network at the heart of Britain's neoliberal lobby.
To find out more about it click here.

energy in britain

“Energy in Britain”

A view of energy use in Britain as if data were important to the debate over future change.

global emissions
“What is the proven solution to controlling carbon emissions?”

Society has only ever reduced carbon emissions during an economic recession.

Renewable Energy UK

“Renewable Energy UK”

A ‘green energy revolution’ that doesn’t address the problem it is designed to solve

Fossil Inequality

“Fossil Inequality”

The global disparities described in the data on energy use & carbon emissions.

carbon per-capita

“A fairer view of global carbon emissions – per-person”

Data is absolutely political! How we choose to represent measurements of the world affects how we talk about them, and set priorities for action. This is especially true of carbon emissions.

cup of coffee

“The untold story about a cup of High Street coffee”

The popular debate over the price of a cup of coffee operates is an exercise in virtue signalling; it has little to do with the politics and economics at the root of the issue.

global power

“Global power supply sources and energy injustice”

Examining the deeper social justice behind electricity consumption, and the proposed electrification of the globe under the 'Green New Deal'

frac science

“Whitehall’s ‘Fracking’ Science Failure”

How the Government misled Parliament and the public on fracking and climate change

Note, this poster is already ‘finished’ – to find out more about it click here.

wales drones“The Quiet Militarisation of West Wales' Skies”
As technology changes, so Britain's military policy has changed. Now the military are using of Wales' landscape to support the development and testing of 'unmanned aerial vehicles' (UAVs) – or "drones".

Note, this poster is already ‘finished’ – to find out more about it click here.

stick-fire grate

“Carbon, Campfires, Cooking & English Land Rights”

Taking the Fossil Fuels out of Camp Cooking – why perceptions, and our practical skills need to change

Note, this poster is already ‘finished’ – to find out more about it click here.

OSI activists“'Open Source Intelligence' for Activists”
An outline for using computers and the 'Net for 'proactive' research

Note, this poster is already ‘finished’ – to find out more about it click here.

“‘Fracktured Accountability’ and ‘The Frackogram’”

Note, this poster is already ‘finished’ – to find out more about it click here.