The Communications Centre,
USAF Croughton, May 2016


Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre (JIAC)

‘Croughtonwatch’ is a monitoring campaign devoted to USAF Croughton in Northamptonshire – part of a global electronic communications, control and surveillance network that projects American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Urgent update, October 2019

A series of announcements over the Summer suggest that the JIAC development at USAF Croughton has been shelved, the reasons being partly practical, partly budgetary. There's more detail of these changes available in this article: How Donald Trump’s Border Wall Helped to Terminate the USAF Croughton ‘Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre’ (JIAC).

The NATO JIAC pages will be updated once the position has been clarified – and the move to USAF Molesworth set out in detail.

JIAC Documentation

This page contains reports and documentation which directly relate to the design and construction of the Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex (JIAC). These reports described the physical development of the complex, as well as the organisational and budgetary background to the project.

To view information on the strategic and policy background to intelligence fusion and cyberwarfare, go to the Technical Reports page.

To view more general articles and news stories about these issues, go to the Articles & Media page.

In this page:

JIAC Planning Permission Documents

This section contains South Northamptonshire Council's committee reports and the decision notice:

JIAC Planning Application Documents

This section contains the planning application for the SATCOM and EIC developments, and the most significant supporting documentation which describes the development:

JIAC EA Screening Documents

'Screening' is a process where a developer asks the local council requires an environmental impact statement for the development they wish to carry out. South Northamptonshire Council decided that the SATCOM and associated developments were not significant enough to warrant a full environmental impact statement.

This section contains the Defence Infrastructure Organisation's (DIO) screening report, the delegated officer's report on the screening application, and South Northamptonshire's formal opinion document:

Military Construction Program Budget Estimates

This section contains the budgets for US Air Force construction projects, submitted to the US Congress for approval.

The simplest way to find the budgets for the JIAC development is to work search the PDF file for 'croughton':

General Reports and Information

This section contains a varied collection of documents and reports related to the JIAC development.