The Free Range ‘Fracking Truth’ stall,
Green Gathering, 2016

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‘The Fracking Truth’

The ‘Fracking Truth about Energy’ is the Free Range Network’s presentation on Britain's energy system – not the particular small piece one particular lobby or another wishes you to see, but the raw statistical data presented in a way where you can see the whole thing, end-to-end.

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This started back in 2006/7 as the ‘Energy Beyond Oil’ presentation. As we moved into highlighting ‘fracking’ in 2010/11 we changed the name, and it sort of stuck. The basic idea of ‘Fracking Truth about Energy’ is to use the Government’s annual energy statistics (probably in ways they wouldn’t like) to give people a whole system view of how energy in Britain works – allowing them to independently test the arguments any energy lobby wishes to push on them.

Energy means ‘business’;
big business!

It doesn’t matter if it’s fossil fuels or renewable, the amounts of money involved in developing them on an ‘industrial’ scale is huge. That means throwing lots of money into PR and lobbying is, comparatively, chicken feed.

For this reason the public are bombarded with messages about energy which are pretty much all, whether from the nuclear industry or Greenpeace, slanted towards one energy production system or another. Is it any wonder people are confused?

The ‘Free Range’ view has always been, do we need the energy in the first place?

What we present here is a ‘non-consumerist’ view of energy; where we instantly challenge the idea that we should consume energy at all before then moving on to discuss the details of what the energy system does, and what different policy choices mean.