The first draft of ‘The Protestagram’, 2017

Free Range Themes:

The ‘Free Range Activism Campaigns Kit’ (FRACK)

‘FRACK’ is the focus of the Free Range Network's immediate future plans, to be developed as set of maps and guides to how to become a ‘technical’ activist, developing your own self-supporting actions rather than following the mainstream lead.

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The ‘FRACK’ Project

This project began over two decades ago witht he legal support workshops the Network ran in the late 1990s. We could find nothing similar to that today. Yes, there is ‘direct action’ training, but this only teaches how to defend against the law, not how to actively use the law to campaign. In 2016 we set out to develop a new legal education and support project.

We are, quite literally, still writing this as the web site goes live! For that reason this is the only page of the ‘FRACK’ theme which currently works. We will upload the rest later in the year.

Working draft version of ‘The Protestagram’

The first draft of click to download the draft of ‘The Protestagram’‘The Protestagram’ is all that is currently available from The ‘FRACK’ Project.

Developed over the year 2017, we have been trialling it, and the other elements which make up the ‘FRACK’ poster presentation to evaluate how people use them, and how it enables them to understand – and then actively use – the law as a tool of dissent, protest, and change.

Click the image to download the A3 PDF – and then zoom to 300% to make it readable.

The ‘FRACK’ posters are designed to be a ‘map’ to direct activists to what they should learn or study in advance of taking any action which has legal consequences. Not simply direct action; it covers the whole ‘cycle’ of activism from having an idea, getting information, planning the legal consequences of action, to carry that action out.

Rather than just a block of text or a leaflet, the presentation is entirely visual – extending over four large, either A1 or A2 panels designed to be spread across a wall. When complete, these will be freely downloadable so that you can take them to your local copy shop and print them off at whatever size you require.

Follow further discussion, we now producing the final versions of the poster presentation. As you can see from the ‘The Protestagram’ above, that is rather a feat of work – hence why the process has been delayed. We hope to launch the final version in the Autumn of 2019.