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The listing below provides a guide to the latest additions to the Free Range Activism Website (FRAW), and to other significant resources and information related to the activities of the Free Range Network:

13/9/2017: USAF Croughton – Keep Space for Peace 2017
Ahead of the march and rally at USAF Croughton on 7th October 2017, this short video has been produced to explain the issues behind the operation of Croughton today, and, as part of the new JIAC development, the site's increased involvement in the future in the mass surveillance of society, the use of armed drones, and the use special forces for alleged "counter-terror" operations, in North Africa and the Middle East.

7/9/2017: 'electrohippie collective' microsite
The content of the 'electrohippie collective' microsite has been completely updated and reloaded, in particular, the World View Overview pages.

11/8/2017: A Walk to Adderbury Meeting House for the Quarterly Quaker Meeting – Sunday 17th September 2017
The "Quaker Walks in Banburyshire" microsite has been updated with the details of the next walk to the Adderbury Quarterly Quaker Meeting on Sunday September 17th. An A4 poster is also available.

6/8/2017: Methane clathrate – the last desperate hope of the fossil fuels industry
This article and A3 poster outlines the fossil fuel industry's search for a new and gargantuan source of methane gas – methane clathrate. That two decade search paid off in May 2017, even though the pursuit of this new energy source would bust any notion of controlling climate change.

4/8/2017: The Protestagram Toolkit – release for discussion
The Free Range Network have released a small example from their new resource – The Protestagram Toolkit – in advance of its final publication in the Autumn. This infographic, 'The Protestagram', as a beginner's guide to navigating the web of law surrounding protest in England & Wales.

4/8/2017: Whitehall's Fracking Science Failure – A3 poster
An A3 poster summarising the Whitehall's Fracking Science Failure report, produced by Paul Mobbs in May for Talk Fracking.

4/8/2017: The Green Gathering Handout
The Free Range Network's handout for this years "Fracking Truth About…" stall at the Green Gathering, summarising the new information in this year's exhibition of our work.

14/6/2017: The 'Feral' Stick-Fire Cooking Grate
Cooking outdoors is a fun skill to learn to expand your ecological awareness and personal resilience. Cook well outdoors from fresh or foraged food, and you can cook well anywhere. Problem is, where do you find the 'ecologically sound'/fossil-fuel free kit? The Free Range 'Feral' Stick-Fire Cooking Grate is a small, light-weight, trestle-style cooking grate designed to burn small sticks which, with a few tools and components, you can easily build yourself.
There is also an article available on "taking the fossil fuels out of camping", as well as a video showing how to make and use the stick fire grate, and an A3 poster promoting the stick-fire grate.

2/6/2017: The 'Fracking' Election – Why the 2017 UK General Election is a ground-breaking test of British environmental policy
This Ecolonomics blog post from Paul Mobbs outlines the position of the political parties on 'fracking' in the 2017 General Election – and why the position of the Conservative Party challenges long-standing principles of UK environmental law.
It is also available as a PDF file, and there is a 'Musings' article summarising the Ecolonomics blog post.

24/5/2017: 'Whitehall's 'Fracking' Science Failure
As the Conservative Manifesto portends a planning 'free for all' for shale gas, Talk Fracking launches its new report demonstrating the flaws in the Government's case on fracking and climate change. Research published over the last 18 months, outlined in Talk Fracking's new report, questions the accuracy of the data used in the Mackay-Stone report. As a result of this new information Whitehall's scientific case has arguably collapsed.