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The Free Range Activism Website exists to create a virtual space for those who contribute to the Network. It hosts the content created, distributing it to those who might wish to share it. This is done through a series of 'microsites'.

These are the current microsites operating within FRAW:

Banburyshire Rambles Photo-journal
A collection of walks and photographs around 'Banburyshire' (an area bordering North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, South Northamptonshire and North Gloucestershire), to encourage others to find the natural beauty on their doorstep.
A monitoring & research campaign tracking the US military and intelligence communications relays at USAF Croughton & Barford St. John.
the electrohippies Archive
The on-line archive of the electrohippies, a hacktivist group formed in the late 1990s who may, or may not, still exist.
Paul Mobbs & Mobbs' Environmental Investigations
Paul Mobbs' on-line archive of his writings and other works, made available via FRAW for other community activists to share.
Quaker Walks in 'Banburyshire'
A guide to the long-standing Quaker history, and local walking routes, around Banbury and the region surrounding.
Diogenes' Lamp
A microsite devoted to satirical/comical memes on the contemporary zeitgeist.