Defending the FRAW website from anti-GMO
protest injunctions, genetiXsnowball trial,
High Court, London, April 1999

The Free Range Network

The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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Free Range ‘Themes’

As a unstructured collective we don't really have 'campaigns' or 'issues'. Instead we work around certain ‘themes’ which appear to us – at the current moment in time, or as the result of recent work we have undertaken – to be the most pressing issue for grassroots activism and lifestyle change.

This page lists our current ‘themes’ and provides access to the on-line content we maintain for each. Some may be illustrated with large amounts of our work; others may just be a page of links or a list of hard-to-get technical reports which those working on the issue require.

Please note, we're still setting up this web site. As a result you'll meet this symbol a lot. The rebuild will hopefully be complete by the Autumn when our new materials are complete.

Current themes in alphabetical order by title:

CroughtonWatch logoCroughtonWatch
This site is devoted to USAF Croughton (and its outstation, Barford St. John) on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire – part of a global electronic communications, control and surveillance that works on behalf of the US military and intelligence establishment, projecting of American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Electrosmog logoElectrosmog
This site provides documentation around the issue of ‘electronic smog’ (esmog) – the growth in digital communications devices emitting high-frequency radio waves, such as 5G, wifi and mobile phones, and their impacts upon human health and the environment.

Energy Theme logoEnergy: ‘The Fracking Truth’
The ‘Fracking Truth about Energy’ is the Free Range Network’s presentation/information on Britain's energy system – not the parituclar small piece one particular lobby or another wishes you to see, but the raw statistical data presented in a way where you can see the whole thing, end-to-end.

FRACK logoFree Range Activism Campaigns Kit (FRACK)
‘FRACK’ is the focus of the Free Range Network's immediate future plans, as set of maps and guides to how to become a ‘technical’ activist, developing your own self-supporting actions rather than following the mainstream lead.

‘Weaponising Big Data’ logoWeaponising Big Data
A Free Range research project on the military and intelligence sites in Britain that are preparing for offensive cyberwarfare and automated state surveillance.

Wild Camping logoWild Camping
The Free Range ‘Wild Camping’ Project aims to teach the skills of lifestyle change and degrowth through communicating the skills and practice of wild camping. It's fundamentally an English land rights project focussing on land access and wild camping as part of lifestyle change and regenerative ecopsychology.