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Wild Camping

The Free Range ‘Wild Camping’ Project aims to teach the skills of lifestyle change and degrowth through communicating the skills and practice of wild camping. It's fundamentally an English land rights project focussing on land access and wild camping as part of lifestyle change and regenerative ecopsychology… alternately summarised as,
Turn off; walk off; camp out!

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About the ‘Wild Camping’ project

Compared to a decade ago, the ecological crisis has become greater even though many of the factors creating it have stayed the same. The reason it has gotten worse is, quite simply, the mainstream of politics and economics – and even many in the mainstream of environmentalism – cannot accept the inevitable cost of dealing with it. That is, the “affluent” citizens of the planet having ‘less’.

We are, quite literally, still writing this as the new FRAW web site goes live! For that reason this will not be available for a few weeks.