The Free Range Network is not a structured group with an organised agenda. Consequently we do not publish with a specific schedule or time-scale in mind, but as and when we have something to say. At most we anticipate 'WEIRD' having no more than three to five editions a year. As each becomes available it will be available for download here.

Note that each issue of 'WEIRD' covers a particular theme; but all those themes are linked, one building on top of another. Ultimately our aim is to build a resource that provides a comprehensive guide to the 'free range' concept of activism.

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WEIRD is free to download, and you are free to print, copy, distribute, and reuse the articles in the journal for non-profit purposes. Go to the 'about' page for full details.

'WEIRD' issues index

A list of every edition of 'WEIRD', chronological order (oldest first):

WEIRD issue no.1 cover page Issue No.1, Beltane 2020:

‘The Lockdown Edition’

How do you talk about freeing ourselves from the gadgets that define our lives, when the way everyone communicates these days is defined by those gadgets?

WEIRD issue no.2 cover page Issue No.2, Lammas 2020:

‘Welcome the Extinction’

The second edition, where we directly ‘welcome to extinction’ of what passes for normality, in the hope that people will move on and organise for something better.

WEIRD issue no.3 cover page Issue No.3, Samhain 2020:

‘Britain's Energy & Climate Crisis’

A special third edition, investigating 'Britain's Energy & Climate Crisis', to demonstrate that neither side in this heated debate cares about statistical reality, or its deeper meaning.

WEIRD issue no.4 cover page Issue No.4, Midsummer 2021:

“Thank you for calling UNTECH SUPPORT… we value your dependency!”

This tortuous pathway of disengagement, ‘untechnical support’, is a process of liberation through basic re-skilling. That’s not just about learning practical skills again; it is about building confidence in a person’s own power to discern what is right for them.

WEIRD issue no.5 cover page Issue No.5, Mabon 2021:

“Research for the End of Your 'Normal' Everyday Existence”

A special edition on the white-heat of eco-research about British consumption 'on-the-never-Neverland'. In summary: We are not in a situation of having ‘problems’ with ‘possible solutions’; we are in a ‘predicament’ with only a few, mostly unwelcome ‘outcomes’ to choose from.

WEIRD issue no.6 cover page Issue No.6, Yule 2021:

‘The Ecological 'Lie of the Land'’

An edition for the long dark nights on why a radical change to property rights in Britain is essential to changing our global impact, looking at UK 'land rights' in the context of the ecological crisis, not simple land ownership.

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