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The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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WEIRD – Thinking Beyond Technology:

Issue no.4, “Thank you for calling UNTECH SUPPORT… we value your dependency!”
Midsummer 2021

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☮ Introduction: ‘Untech Support’
People need help to ‘uninstall’ technology since its use is innately de-skilling.
☮ History file: Part 5,‘Tools for Conviviality’
Ivan Illich’s 1973 book on human society, technology, and ecological crisis.
☮ Are You ‘WEIRD?’: The answer may surprise you!
The technocracy behind the networked world is disconnected from reality.
☮ We need a mass ‘uneconomic consumption’ movement
We are told to measure ourselves by economic factors. Is the fastest route to change to opt out of that delusion?
☮ ‘Couch to 5 nights camping’?
The only cheap, available space for anyone to learn the skills of simple living is ‘the outdoors’ – and the Whitehall government is trying to criminalise that.
☮ Marketing as a form of psychological abuse
How advertising & marketing morphed into ‘strategic communications’, and became organised corporate ‘mass abuse’.
☮ Wild tea making and the revolt against the machine
Brew a bowl of rosehip tea on a hill is a gateway towards a lifestyle revolution.
☮ Numerical Ramblings: ‘Why own-grown potatoes are better energy storage devices than lithium-ion batteries’
People obsess about electricity-producing technologies. Seldom do they think about the potential of something more hum-drum, like their food.

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