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Extreme Energy: 'Pollution'

The 'pollution' section of the "Extreme Energy Sources" library lists papers associated with pollution and human health. This includes air, water, land and other forms of pollution, and assessment of the health impacts of the pollution generated by extreme energy sources.

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Files list ordered by publication date (222 files):

Association of groundwater constituents with topography and distance to unconventional gas wells in NE Pennsylvania, Science of The Total Environment, vol.577 pp.195-201, 15/01/2017

Compendium Of Scientific, Medical, And Media Findings Demonstrating Risks And Harms Of Fracking (Unconventional Gas And Oil Extraction), Concerned Health Professionals of New York, Physicians for Social Responsibility, 17/11/2016

Health and Unconventional Natural Gas Development: Up-to-date Findings, Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, 08/11/2016

Unconventional Oil and Gas in Scotland – Health Impact Assessment, Health Protection Scotland, 08/11/2016

A review of current and future methane emissions from Australian unconventional oil and gas production, Melbourne Energy Institute, 26/10/2016

Unconventional oil and gas development and risk of childhood leukemia: Assessing the evidence, Science of the Total Environment, vol.576 pp.138-147, 08/10/2016

Health and Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: Delphi Study Results, Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, 08/09/2016

Association Between Unconventional Natural Gas Development in the Marcellus Shale and Asthma Exacerbations, JAMA International Medicine, vol.176 no.9 pp.1334-1343, September 2016

Fracked: Coal seam gas extraction and farmers’ mental health, Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol.47 pp.22-32, September 2016

Recurrent Human Health Complaints Technical Information Synthesis – Fort McKay Area, Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Health, September 2016

Associations between Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Nasal and Sinus, Migraine Headache, and Fatigue Symptoms in Pennsylvania, Environmental Health Perspectives (advanced publication), 25/08/2016

Gasping for Breath: An analysis of the health effects from ozone pollution from the oil and gas industry, Clean Air Task Force, August 2016

Addressing uncertainty in public health risks due to hydraulic fracturing, Environmental Health Review, vol.59 no.2 pp.57-61, 13/06/2016

COMPLAINT and request for investigation of fraud, waste and abuse by a high-ranking EPA official leading to severe underreporting and lack of correction of methane venting and leakage throughout the US natural gas industry, NC WARN, 08/06/2016

When The Wind Blows: Tracking Toxic Chemicals In Gas Fields And Impacted Communities, Coming Clean, June 2016

Estimating the Potential Toxicity of Chemicals Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Using Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship Modeling, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.50 no.14 pp.7732-7742, 12/05/2016

The Problem of Setback Distance for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: An analysis of expert opinions, Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, 09/05/2016

Wastewater Disposal from Unconventional Oil and Gas Development Degrades Stream Quality at a West Virginia Injection Facility, Environmental Science and Technology, vil.50 no.11 pp.5517-5525, 09/05/2016

Overview of Chronic Oral Toxicity Values for Chemicals Present in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids, Flowback, and Produced Waters, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.50 no.9 pp.4788-4797, 06/04/2016

Investigating the traffic-related environmental impacts of hydraulic-fracturing (fracking) operations, Environment International, vol.89-90 pp.248-260, April 2016

Impact to Underground Sources of Drinking Water and Domestic Wells from Production Well Stimulation and Completion Practices in the Pavillion, Wyoming, Field, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.50 no.8 pp.4524-4536, 29/03/2016

Unconventional natural gas development and birth outcomes in Pennsylvania, USA, Epidemiology, vol.27 no.2 pp.163-172, March 2016

Lung Cancer Risk from Radon in Marcellus Shale Gas in Northeast U.S. Homes, Risk Analysis, 16/02/2016

Shale Gas and Water 2016, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, February 2016

A systematic evaluation of chemicals in hydraulic-fracturing fluids and wastewater for reproductive and developmental toxicity, Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, pp.1-10, 06/01/2016

Hazard Ranking Methodology for Assessing Health Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Production: The Maryland Case Study, PLoS ONE, vol.11 no.1 e0145368, 04/01/2016

Shale gas wastewater management under uncertainty, Journal of Environmental Management, vol.165 no.1 pp.188-198, 01/01/2016

Concurrence of aqueous and gas phase contamination of groundwater in the Wattenberg oil and gas field of northern Colorado, Water Research, vol.88 pp.458-466, January 2016

The risk of hydraulic fracturing on public health in the UK and the UK's fracking legislation, Environmental Sciences Europe, vol.27 pp.27, December 2015

Unconventional Gas Exploration and Production: Human Health Impacts and Environmental Legacy, National Toxics Network, November 2015

Enhancing water security in a rapidly developing shale gas region, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 06/10/2015

Elevated levels of diesel range organic compounds in groundwater near Marcellus gas operations are derived from surface activities, PNAS, vol.112 no.43 pp.13184-13189, 16/09/2015

Isotopic Fingerprints for Delineating the Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids, Procedia Earth and Planetary Science, vol.13 pp.244-247, September 2015

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and Oil and Natural Gas Operations: Potential Environmental Contamination and Recommendations to Assess Complex Environmental Mixtures, Environmental Health Perspectives, vol.124 no.3 pp.256-264, 27/08/2015

The Potential Environmental Impact from Fracking in the Delaware River Basin, CNA, August 2015

Recurring Human Health Complaints: Didsbury Area – Technical Information Synthesis, Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Health, August 2015

Statistical evaluation of the impact of shale gas activities on ozone pollution in North Texas, Science of the Total Environment, vol.536 pp.457-467, 30/07/2015

Assessing the Impact of Shale Gas on the Local Environment and Health, Task Force on Shale Gas, 15/07/2015

Unconventional Gas and Oil Drilling Is Associated with Increased Hospital Utilization Rates, PLoS ONE, Vol.10 no.7 e0131093, 15/07/2015

Airborne Ethane Observations in the Barnett Shale: Quantification of Ethane Flux and Attribution of Methane Emissions, Environmental Science Technology, vol.49 no.13 pp.8158-8166, 07/07/2015

Methane Emissions from Leak and Loss Audits of Natural Gas Compressor Stations and Storage Facilities, Environmental Science Technology, vol.49 no.13 pp/8132-8138, 07/07/2015

Natural Gas Residual Fluids: Sources, Endpoints, and Organic Chemical Composition after Centralized Waste Treatment in Pennsylvania, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.49 no.14 pp.8347-8355, 06/07/2015

Recurring Human Health Complaints Technical Information Synthesis – Lochend Area, Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Health, July 2015

Airborne flux measurements of methane and volatile organic compounds over the Haynesville and Marcellus shale gas production regions, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol.120 no.12 pp.6271-6289, 27/06/2015

Treatment of shale gas drilling flowback fluids (SGDFs) by forward osmosis: Membrane fouling and mitigation, Desalination, vol.366 pp.113-120, 15/06/2015

Perinatal Outcomes and Unconventional Natural Gas Operations in Southwest Pennsylvania, PLoS ONE, 03/06/2015

Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources (External Review Draft), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, June 2015

Photochemical aging of volatile organic compounds associated with oil and natural gas extraction in the Uintah Basin, UT, during a wintertime ozone formation event, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, vol.15 pp.5727-5741, 26/05/2015

Evaluating a groundwater supply contamination incident attributed to Marcellus Shale gas development, PNAS, vol.112 no.20 pp.6325-6330, 19th May 2015, 19/05/2015

Atmospheric Emission Characterization of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development Sites, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.49 no.11 pp.7012-7020, 21/04/2015

Chemical Analysis of Wastewater from Unconventional Drilling Operations, Water, vol.7 no,4 pp.1568-1579, 15/04/2015

Considerations for the development of shale gas in the United Kingdom, Science of The Total Environment, vol.512-513 pp.56-42, 15th April 2015, 15/04/2015

Regional air quality impacts of hydraulic fracturing and shale natural gas activity: Evidence from ambient VOC observations, Atmospheric Environment, vol.110 pp.144-150, 2015, 26/03/2015

Impact of Natural Gas Extraction on PAH Levels in Ambient Air, Environmental Science Technology, vol.49 no.8 pp.5203-5210, 26/03/2015

Current perspectives on unconventional shale gas extraction in the Appalachian Basin, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, vol.50 no.5 pp.434-446, 03/03/2015

Human exposure to unconventional natural gas development: A public health demonstration of periodic high exposure to chemical mixtures in ambient air, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, vol.50 no.5 pp.460-472, 03/03/2015

Long-term impacts of unconventional drilling operations on human and animal health, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, vol.50 no.5 pp.447-459, 03/03/2015

Well water contamination in a rural community in southwestern Pennsylvania near unconventional shale gas extraction, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, vol.50 no.5 pp.516-528, 03/03/2015

Shale Gas in Canada: Environmental Risks and Regulation, Parliamentary Information and Research Service, Canadian Parliament, 26/02/2015

Shale gas development in Canada: What are the potential health effects?, Jounral of the Canadian Medical Association, vol.187 no.3 pp.E99-E100, 17/02/2015

Environmental health impacts of unconventional natural gas development: A review of the current strength of evidence, Science of the Total Environment, vol.505 pp.1127-1141, 01/02/2015

Understanding high wintertime ozone pollution events in an oil- and natural gas-producing region of the western US, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, vol.15 pp.411-429, 14/01/2015

Proximity to Natural Gas Wells and Reported Health Status: Results of a Household Survey in Washington County, Pennsylvania, Environmental Health Perspectives, vol.123 no.1, January 2015

Iodide, Bromide, and Ammonium in Hydraulic Fracturing and Oil and Gas Wastewaters: Environmental Implications, Environmental Science and Technology, vol.49 no.3 pp.1955-1963, January 2015, January 2015

A Public Health Review of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas Development, New York State, 17/12/2014

Developmental and reproductive effects of chemicals associated with unconventional oil and natural gas operations, Reviews on Environmental Health, vol.29 no.4 pp.307-318, December 2014

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Air concentrations of volatile compounds near oil and gas production: a community-based exploratory study, Environmental Health, vol.13 no.1 pp.82, 30/10/2014

New Tracers Identify Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids and Accidental Releases from Oil and Gas Operations, Environmental Science Technology, vol.48 no.21 pp.12552-12560, 20/10/2014

High winter ozone pollution from carbonyl photolysis in an oil and gas basin, Nature, vol.514 pp.351-354, 16/10/2014

Noble gases identify the mechanisms of fugitive gas contamination in drinking-water wells overlying the Marcellus and Barnett Shales, PNAS, vol.111 no.39 pp.14076-14081, 30/09/2014

Final Report of the Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW, New South Wales Government, September 2014

Policy Position: Hydraulic Fracturing, Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, September 2014

Impact of emissions from natural gas production facilities on ambient air quality in the Barnett Shale area: A pilot study, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, vol.64 no.12 pp.1369-1383, 26/08/2014

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The Environmental Costs and Benefits of Fracking, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, vol.39 no.7, 2014, 09/08/2014

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The Role of Toxicological Science in Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Hydraulic Fracturing, Toxicological Sciences, vol.139 no.2 pp.271-283, 04/04/2014

The Role of Toxicological Science in Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Hydraulic Fracturing, Toxicological Sciences, vol.139 no.2 pp.271-283, 04/04/2014

Practical measures for reducing the risk of environmental contamination in shale energy production, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, vol.16 no.7 pp.1692-1699, April 2014

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