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Quakers and the Green Bible

The Friend, 24/02/2012

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Resource information:
Resource IDmasters2012
Resource titleQuakers and the Green Bible
Author(s)Stuart Masters
Publication/ sourceThe Friend
Date published24/02/2012
Summary text/ abstractA number of key characteristics of the Quaker tradition, as highlighted in the previous articles of the series, reveal a spirituality that is creation-affirming and a witness that is proto-ecological. Quakers have tended to view the creation as essentially good and have expected the kingdom of heaven to be established here on earth, rather than in a spiritual heaven located elsewhere. In addition, as a result of their life-changing spiritual experiences, early Friends developed a sophisticated understanding of the creation and the human role within it. They asserted that the divinely given wisdom and order of creation could be known by revelation alone, and that only by divine empowerment and guidance could humans live in harmony with this order in terms of a right relationship with and right use of the natural world. Modern Green theology and biblical scholarship have produced an understanding of the status of the creation and the human relationship to it that is broadly consistent with the early Quaker vision.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Land Rights, Simplicity
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