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Book Review: Serge Latouche, 'Farewell to Growth'

Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy, vol.6 no.2, Summer 2010

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Resource information:
Resource IDmaurin2010
Resource titleBook Review: Serge Latouche, 'Farewell to Growth'
Author(s)François Diaz Maurin
Publication/ sourceSustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy, vol.6 no.2
Date publishedSummer 2010
Summary text/ abstractWhat emerges from Serge Latouche's book, Farewell to Growth, is that the global crisis of the modern world is first and foremost a crisis of civilization. Indeed, the "Western" view of humanism brought forth the concept that "humans are superior beings who have natural rights over other species and over nature." This perspective has led us to base our societies on the paradigm of economic growth that now controls each and every aspect of our lives. For that reason, growth can be considered as the main cause of the global crisis. Therefore, renouncing growth requires us to relinquish some aspects of our human nature; in other words, to change to another way of being.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Economics, 'Limits to Growth', Simplicity
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