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For many years I've worked primarily with community groups – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.

For details of the licensing restrictions on using these resources, see the Copyright and Sharing page.

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Twenty-five years of professional work; over thirty years as a community 'activist'; almost all of it captured on computer. The best of that is housed here, totalling hundreds of files comprising a few hundred megabytes of data.

Working with community groups, the one thing I've come to understand is that information sharing is essential. It's important to document community-based activism. Not for yourself, but to share with others so others might learn and utilize that experience.

This archive contains some of the most useful of my work. Not all of it, not necessarily 'the best', but rather that which illustrates processes or ideas which others might use to perform their own local activism.

In additional I suggest that you also look at the Free Range On-line Virtual Library. This contains a host of reports, scientific papers and government papers which provide further information useful to community data-based activism.

The files in this archive are organized by type. Some files appear in more than one category, particularly in the reports section. If you wish to look at a particular issue, the 'themes' sections provide a listing for all the files by category rather than by type.

Recent publications:

inc image The Global Military Infrastructure and You

July 2018

A cut-down version of the workshop produced for the Global Network's 2018 conference in Oxford looking at the central role of data in military and intelligence activities – and while focussing on USAF Croughton, it considers that all such networks are in fact now part of one unified network, generated through 'data dusion', which poses serious risks to our privacy and civil rights.

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file icon the handout accompanying the workshop
1.4 megabytes

inc image The Global Network's site visit to USAF Croughton

July 2018

The morning that peace activists from around the world gathered outside USAF Croughton to learn about the new global data network that imperils civil society.

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732.5 megabytes

inc image USAF Croughton, Networked Warfare, and the Intelligence-Fusion Complex

July 2018

A short report, produced for Croughtonwatch, on how digital networks, data, and artificial intelligence are blurring the boundaries between military, political and civil conflict.

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1.4 megabytes

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inc image Ramblinactivist 1/18: 'An Otter in the River Leam'


Walking out near Wappenbury, I stop to take in the birdsong along the River Leam... when an otter swam by!

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watch the video on the 'ramblinactivist' Youtube channel

inc image What is USAF Croughton?

May 2018

A short video (produced for Croughtonwatch) on USAF Croughton's role in drone warfare and mass surveillance across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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732.5 megabytes