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I've worked primarily with community groups for many years – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.

For details of the licensing restrictions on using these resources, see the Copyright and Sharing page.

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'Infographics' are a growing trend in the media – essentially the graphical presentation of complex information.

Much of the human brain is devoted to interpreting visual rather than textual information. Consequently it's sometimes easier to communicate information as a graphical construct rather than as words. This who have seen my presentations will understand how graphical information can be used to convey both data and ideas.

This section includes, rather than simple graphical images, infographics and poster presentations. These cover a variety of subjects. Most are provided as PDF documents for printing, while some are 'scalable vector graphic' (SVG) files which will expand to any size without any loss of quality.

Infographic and Poster Presentations

inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'Methane clathrate – the last desperate hope of the fossil fuels industry'


"Extreme Energy" is a term which encompasses many different forms of 'unconventional' energy resources. From fracking, to tar sands, to some types of renewable energy which take more energy and carbon to produce than they save, these 'extreme' energy sources represent the last hope of the global energy corporations. Why this is so tells a much greater truth about the global commitment to address the issue of climate change.

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inc image The USAF Croughton 'Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre' development


US military doctrine is changing. Today the political imperative behind military action is to minimize the risks to military personnel, while maximizing the ability to "project force" around the globe in support of the USA's political objectives. This shift in doctrine is also driving changes in how the the US operates its installations. At USAF Croughton, on the border of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, that means its historic role as a 'telephone exchange' for the US military, intelligence agencies and the State Department is being upgraded and extended.

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inc image "Extreme Resources" and The Limits to Growth


Have you ever considered that we divide-up human history in terms of the technology of things that we use in our day-to-day lives? For example the Stone Age or Iron Age, and latterly the Industrial and Information Ages. As a facet of our present existence, human history is a contrast to our present technology rather than a relationship between the lives of everyday people. The reality is though that the modern measure of "our lifestyles" – economic growth – is now challenged due a lack of the rare “rocks” which our modern technologies depend upon.

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inc image 'Open Source Intelligence' for Activists

August 2016

Computers and the Internet have, for more than twenty years, been an essential part of environmental and social activism in Britain. However, their use is challenged by the rise of "post-truth" politics – the use of an ideological- or public-relations-led approach to policy and decision-making where facts are often not just bent, they're deliberately ignored.

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inc image The Gnu/Linux Operating System

August 2016

There is a "free" alternative to Microsoft Windows available. It is 'free' because you can: download it for free; you can make copies and give to friends; and, if you develop the skills, you can modify how it works to suit your requirements and share those changes – without getting sued for copyright infringement. It's called Linux – and if you haven't heard about it you should ask yourself why, and why you're not using it.

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inc image Fracktured Accountability: The 'Frackogram' 2015


Part of the 'Fractured Accountability' reports, produced in March 2015, the 'frackogram' is an 'organogram' which illustrates the relationships between the government, fracking/fossil fuel companies, finance and academia.

file icon The 'Frackogram' 2015, A1 PDF
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file icon The 'Frackogram' 2015, A2 PDF
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file icon The 'Frackogram' 2015, A3 PDF
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file icon The 'Frackogram' 2015, SVG image
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file icon The 'Frackogram' 2015, JPG image
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inc image The Quiet Militarisation of West Wales' Skies

July 2014

As technology changes, so Britain's military policy has changed. For decades the military's presence in the hills of Wales was experienced through the fencing-off of large areas of land for military exercises, and the use of the region's local long winding valleys for pilot training. Now a new phase is about to begin, with the use of Wales' landscape to support the development and testing of 'unmanned aerial vehicles' (UAVs) – or "drones".

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inc image Phones, Drones and Self-driving Automobiles: Pervasive technology and the rise of the "surveillance state"

July 2014

"Phones, Drones and Self-driving Automobiles" is th e Free Range Network's latest workshop project. It examines not just how the Internet and our everyday communications are used as a mechanism for surveillance. It ties recent policy changes to both the changing military philosophy over "the war on terror", and how changing technology has enabled a smaller group of people to wield more power across society.

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inc image Wilf's First PC Build Day


Wilf has been using Linux since he was nearly three. From nearly four he has been able to boot-up a Linux system and log into his user account. Now, at five and a half, he's going to build his first PC (with a little help from his Dad)

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