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I've worked primarily with community groups for many years – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.

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Modern social movements are primarily based around gaining media coverage. Personally I've always avoided it unless necessary to the work in hand. There's not a lot of point trying to research controversial issues if the organizations you're trying to get information out of know who you are.

This section contains a selection of print media coverage over the last few years. Broadcast coverage can be found in the video/audio section of the archive.

Most of the files in this section are scanned reports provided as JPEG image files. Others are provided as PDFs.

Selected Media Coverage

inc image Arresting behaviour: smiling rambler turns warrior of justice


A small group gathers outside Westminster tube station in London. It is Thursday 5 March, and we are here at the request of environmental researcher and author Paul Mobbs. This smiling rambler from Banbury is kitted out in walking boots, khaki shorts and a colourful shirt. An unlikely avenging warrior of justice, perhaps, but then, you haven't met Paul Mobbs before, or read his research.

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inc image Fracking, Food, and Futurology: An Interview with Paul Mobbs

June 2014

An interview on my work published in Oxford New Left Review (no.13), June 2014. "Paul Mobbs is a man of many labels. He is often referred to as an 'environmental consultant', but describes himself as an 'ecological futurologist', and has been described by others as an 'anti-fracking lobbyist' and an 'electrohippy'. He is the author of countless books and articles on a range of topics, including technology, extreme energy, consumption and the limits of growth."

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inc image Expert had concern over fracking future


Banbury Guardian, 15th May 2014. "A Banbury environmental expert has called for a draft report into fracking by Public Health England (PHE) to be immediately withdrawn."

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inc image Campaigners call for halt to nuclear convoys


Banbury Guardian, 27th February 2014 "Anti-nuclear campaigners have spoken out against lorry convoys loaded with nuclear materials that pass through Banburyshire and which they say pose a potentially catastrophic risk to human life."

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inc image Extreme Energy


Published in The Ecologist, 23rd September 2013. "Paul Mobbs, leading environmental campaigner, author and engineer, tells the Ecologist Film Unit that extraction industries, including coal bed methane extraction, are going ahead in the UK despite serious environmental concerns."

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inc image Dash for gas on rocky road


Article from the Oxford Times, 11th July 2013. "As fracking is suggested an an answer to energy woes, Reg Little listens to the rock-solid rivals to intrusive local drilling."

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inc image Banbury Prime Spot for Gas Extraction


Banbury Guardian, 20th October 2011. "Exploratory tests dating back almost 50 years highlighted Banburyshire as a prime location for gas extraction technology."

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The World According to Mr. Mobbs


Cambrian News, 3rd February 2005. "Oil will be in short supply within 20 years, and gas will start to peter out by 2040."

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inc image Atom Riddle: Harwell Accused Over 'Secret' Dump


Article published in the Oxford Star, 13th February 1992 – "Environmental campaigners have accused Harwell of secretly dumping waste in an Oxfordshire gravel pit."

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