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I've worked primarily with community groups for many years – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.

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Speech has a quality for communication over and above video. Speech addresses our internal dialogue, and can convey information and ideas very directly.

Podcasts are a popular way to convey campaign and educational messages. Though I rarely produce them, often an audio recording is the simplest way to have a more immediate dialogue with an audience.

Note that this page only lists documentary/factual 'podcasts'. For my videos go to the Video page.

Current podcasts

inc image What is USAF Croughton and what does it do?


A podcast, produced for the 'Keep Space for Peace Week 2016', on USAF Croughton on the Northamptonshire-Oxfordshire border. The podcast described the history of Croughton, and the new developments taking place which will make it a key link on the USA's drone "kill chain".

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