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Sharing and
Open Licensing

Contrary to the hype, the modern system of intellectual property rights is not designed to assist the 'average' person. Those rights only exist for those who have the means to litigate to enforce their rights. However, there is an alternative model of creative rights – open licensing.

As in the old slogan, Information wants to be free, unless otherwise stated the information I create is made available under various open licences. Some of the works I produce have no restrictions on use; most differentiate between the commercial and non-commercial use of the information.

For those who wish to use a "non-commercial" licensed work for commercial purposes (defined as activities which are primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation) I regularly license my work to those wishing to reproduce my work in print/web articles or for commercial educational use (for good causes I may even waive the fee).

Currently I use the following licences:

If you are not sure about re-using/copying my information, or you wish to negotiate the use of non-commercial licensed information for commercial purposes, please get in touch via the addresses given in the 'contacts' section.