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Ecolonomics is my 'irregular' long-form essay blog. "Long-form" because, in contrast to current fashionable trends for 'brevity' in all things, the papers posted here are long, detailed, and contain a long list of references. This blog is about knowledge, not news.

The problem with reality is that it tends to crash people's expectations rather than support them. Today it seems as if the detailed investigation of policy issues, and the facts which exist to substantiate common perceptions of them, has been generally rejected because it gets in the way of enjoying the endless 'party' of consumption.
In short, is media over-simplification "taking the epistemology" out of knowledge?

As we move towards a society where spin and media management increasingly define the everyday debate on public policy, "reality" – investigated through the assessment of evidence and the theoretical/interpretive scientific framework which defines how the natural world operates – is being relegated to a fringe activity. The resultant tangled web of partial truth and FUD that drives the spurious arguments surrounding ecological sustainability that we see in the media today.

With the Ecolonomics journal, I'm seeking to do the exact opposite!

The issue at hand is human ecology, and the problems with the way the 'popular debate' interprets these issues. For a lengthy outline of what I see that issue as, I suggest you see my thesis on ecological futurology.

The only way to address uncertainty is to chase the evidence – which is what I attempt to do in each edition of ecolonomics.

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