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This page lists the posts to the 'Musings' blog for 2013

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'Hinkley C and new nukes – the deeper systemic realities behind the obscuring smoke of nuclear economics'


Having bashed out this email this evening I felt that I had to share it more widely. I've had a few arguments about this in the past few weeks and, unfortunately, thus far everyone appears to miss the deeper realities of what the terms of the contract for Hinkley C predict for future energy prices and the economy. Pity – because I believe that argument would be more readily considered by the public than the more abstract nuclear issue within which it is being described.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'War machines, cyberwarfare and democracy – is resistance futile?'


I have to compose some ideas for a speech I'm giving tomorrow at the USAF Croughton peace rally. I could do it sat in front of a computer, but as I know all the relevant material I decide to do it on an evening walk instead. Climbing out of the valley through Banbury, on reaching the southern flank of Crouch Hill1 I see, glancing over my shoulder, the object of my solitary dialogue shining in the low-angle sunlight.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: '"Behind every picture lies a story" – statistical reality versus PR-hype within the political project of unconventional gas in Britain'


Let's get one thing clear, this is not about conspiracy theories. This isn't about a powerful elite meeting in darkened rooms to fondle their fluffy white cats whilst talking in menacing tones. This isn't about class warfare. What the diagram below represents is simply business... big business! As the saying goes, "every picture tells a story", and this one1 is a bit more complex, and in many ways more bizarre than other comparable tales. It's about a mystical belief system ("economics") which has become so abstracted from reality that it can no longer represent the truth it was created to describe – and which as a result has actually become harmful to those it was intended to serve.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: ''Drill Baby Drill' – a Polish perspective on fracking in the Thames Valley'


The links between Poland and Britain go back a long way. Quite apart from the trading links with the Hanseatic League dating back to Medieval times, in the 19th Century, long before Polish people came to Britain seeking work, we exported (or more accurately deported?) our surplus farmers from the land clearances and inclosures in Scotland and England to Poland – where Polish landowners were eager to take them, displacing local peasant farmers, in order to modernise agriculture. Locally Banbury, which now has a large Polish community, has had a Polish community since the Second World War, when free Polish soldiers settled here because they did not wish to return to a Soviet-dominated state. Today, quite apart from the cream of Poland's skilled manual worker's we've imported to support the educational flaws in our own economy, we've something else that unites us – a political establishment hell-bent on fracking the countryside, irrespective of any reasonable evidence to the contrary that the policy will not work as intended.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'Efficacy versus the Panopticon – the significance of psychology over dataveillance in the PRISM debate'


The great media panic during June is of course the PRISM scandal – the "not-news" that the world's intelligence agencies are spying on their publics, not just their enemies (not-news because I thought it was common knowledge, certainly since the disclosure of the ECHELON and Carnivore programmes over a decade ago). My problem with the PRISM debate to date (apart from the irrational, Hollywood-fuelled paranoia over surveillance) is that most commentators have been concentrating on the technology and its legal implications, rather than asking about the motivations behind these programmes.

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