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Mobbsey's Musings

'Musings' is a collection of short-form papers, published articles, and pieces which never quite made it as an article. These cover a wide variety of topics, and generally reflect the themes behind my current work and research interests.

Please note, this isn't a blog… …blogging isn't something I aspire to.

Escaping the confines of being a consultant, researcher and author by teaching the skills of low impact living and working beyond problems of peak energy by taking people camping, YES!; sitting at a computer and writing the passage of my existence for others to share, NO!

For that reason this is something wholly less immediate, static, and not driven by power-hungry database servers generating bloated datastreams.

My apologies to those wanting the everyday 'blog-o-sphere'-type brief, digested or vacuous information constructs within the content of these pages. I don't do sound bites, and I don't insult my own or my reader's intelligence by spouting views in isolation from the ideas that define them. My medium is the word, the argument and the reference, and in these pages I'm going to push that medium as far as I can. If that's "not you", or you strongly object to reading lengthy passages of text, please click here.

Latest 'Musings' posts:

inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – The gaping hole in the middle of the Circular Economy'


Listening to Radio 4 this morning I heard the two juxtaposed keywords that I've learned to dread over the last couple of the years; 'circular economy'. It's a great idea, and I can't fault the true belief of those promoting it. My problem is that the way they describe it has little to do with the physical realities of the world, and hence it's really just a 'get out of hell free' card for affluent consumers.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'For all its faults, 'fracking' is not the issue here...'


Approaching my tenth year of research on unconventional oil and gas in Britain, it has become clear that the true struggle has little to do with regulations, or technology, or the pursuit of fossil fuels, and everything to do with the failure of our national political dialogue.

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inc image Mobbsey's Musings: 'Methane clathrate – the last desperate hope of the fossil fuels industry'


"Extreme Energy" is a term which encompasses many different forms of 'unconventional' energy resources. From fracking, to tar sands, to some types of renewable energy which take more energy and carbon to produce than they save, these 'extreme' energy sources represent the last hope of the global energy corporations. Why this is so tells a much greater truth about the global commitment to address the issue of climate change.

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inc image Ramblinactivist 6/17: 'The Free Range Weekend Firepit'


At the end of a Free Range Network Gathering in West Wales we relax around the fire. The just waning full moon goes hazy as the cloud closes in, and as the temperature falls the mists rise. Then Tim blows dige as we meditate on the flames, the flickering lighting up the mist around the leafy hollow we're enclosed within. All's well :-)

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inc image Ramblinactivist 5/17: 'Summer Solstice, with Subtitles'


Come with me on an early morning, Solstice walk... I had so many things to think about, given it was a rare chance to get out for a walk. In the end, my mind just shut down and enjoyed the view. Sometimes it's necessary just to shut up and listen – hence the subtitles. To simple be, rather than 'being'. That's the essence of marking certain days by reconnecting with nature. It's not for experience of some other, perceived 'natural' time; it's for the change in perspective it brings amidst our distracted lives.

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