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World in Chains: Nuclear Weapons, Militarisation and their Impact on Society

World in Chains is a book of essays that question the integrity of a society that accepts nuclear deterrents as valid form of defence. My essay, Drones, Cyberwarfare and Democracy, looks at how technology is globalizing geopolitical conflict by making 'war' easier and cheaper.

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Fracktured Accountability, Paul Mobbs, March 2015

World in Chains: Nuclear Weapons, Militarisation and their Impact on Society, Angie Zelter (editor), Luath Press, June 2014

A Practical Guide to Sustainable ICT, APC/IDRC, June 2012

Energy Beyond Oil: Could You Cut Your Energy Use by Sixty Percent?, Matador Books, June 2005

Participating With Safety Toolkit, APC, March 2002

Civil Society Internet Rights Toolkit, GreenNet/Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, 2000

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World in Chains

Editor: Angie Zelter
Publisher: Luath Press
June 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781-9100-2103-3
Price: £12.99

Following a presentation I gave at a rally outside USAF Croughton in 2013, I was asked by the editor to write a chapter for a book. That essay is published as chapter 19 of the book.

Published June 2014, World in Chains focuses on a lack of respect for international humanitarian law and the integrity of a society able to act compassionately in the wider public interest.

It presses the need for the UK government to work on a global ban for nuclear weapons, and criticizes the militaristic mind-set that is currently dominating most societies as the cause of many catastrophic world problems.

The book is edited by Angie Zelter, and the essays cover a variety of topics:

Note – the draft of my chapter, Drones, Cyberwarfare and Democracy, is available to view in my work achive.