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To ease navigation and data download, the rambles are divided into three-month sections: Winter (Jan.-Mar.); Spring (Apr.-Jun.); Summer (Jul.-Sep.); and Autumn (Oct.-Dec.) – and I endeavour to maintain at least five seasons of walks (web server space permitting). Use the tabs below to navigate to each season.
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Summer 2018 (July – September)

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Back in mid-June I'd promised myself, I'd delay my Summer Solstice walk for just a few days because I had to work. Well, I kept my promise and now, at last, I'm doing my Summer Solstice walk… the day before the Autumn Equinox.
Yeah, it's been a strange Summer. Traveling around Britain the heat and drought have clearly brought Autumn early, but not evenly. For weeks now the profusion of fruit, seeds, and nuts in the hedgerows have been shouting the approach of Autumn, and perhaps an equally hard Winter to come.

Kings Sutton station, Walton Grounds, Aynhoe Park, Souldern, Tusmore, Croughton, Charlton – 18.5km/11½ miles, 290m/950ft, 5 hours

Thursday 16th August 2018

Another short deadline problem. "It's OK", I thought, "I'll get it done and then go for a walk." Before I realised nine weeks had flown by in an instant. Nine weeks, slaved to the digital machine, looking at the ever-changing countryside from the office window.

Banbury, Crouch Hill, Giant's Caves, Banbury – 7.7km/4⅘ miles, 120m/400ft, 1⅚ hours