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Thursday 16th August 2018

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Route: Banbury, Poet’s Corner, Crouch Hill, Salt Way, Giant’s Caves, Broughton Road, Town Centre

Distance: 7.7km/4⅘ miles, 1⅚ hours

Ascension: 120 metres/400 feet

Free At Last!

Escape from the infernal machine

Another short deadline problem. "It's OK", I thought, "I'll get it done and then go for a walk." Before I realised nine weeks had flown by in an instant. Nine weeks, slaved to the digital machine, looking at the ever-changing countryside from the office window.

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8pm. Too tired to start work again; too early for bed.

Hey! Look! There's a sunset out there!

The problem with being 'in demand' is that you can be quickly dragged to a place where you're enjoying the work, but not necessarily enjoying the space you're in.

I don't have the words to describe. Just enjoy the pictures.