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Date:   Friday 18th May 2018

Index:   South Area

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HS2 route plan:   Sheet 24

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Last Chance (HS)To See:

Bacombe Lane from Bacombe Hill

Looking across the gap to Wendover Woods and Haddington Hill

scene 021 map The best view across the Wendover gap is from the hill above Wendover Woods, on the way over from Haddington Hill. The other is from the green lane that runs from Wendover up to Coombe Hill – pictured above and below.

scene 021 image

As with the view to Kingsash, it's the transfer of the route of HS2 from the eastern rim of the Misbourne valley down into the Aylesbury vale that creates the high level of visual impact.

From this location the track will emerge from a 'green tunnel' (on the left of the main image and the panorama) onto a rising embankment to cross the London Road and the railway on the Small Dean Viaduct. Still rising it will cut through the wooded hilltop on the right of the panorama below before crossing the Wendover Dean Viaduct.

Use the slider to move the view from side to side.

As with the tunnel portal, there is a scarf-decorated tree and a notice highlighting the passing of HS2. This lane is another popular route through the great beech woods to the top of Coombe Hill; very different to the adjacent Ridgeway Path route through the open space of Bacombe Hill National Nature Reserve. The trees will shield the visual impact of HS2's rising incline across the valley. Until you are much deeper into the woodland near the top of the hill, the noise attenuation provided by the tree cover, particularly in the Winter, will not be as effective.