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"Last Chance (HS)To See"

Thirty years ago the construction of the M40 had an indelible impact upon the landscape of the area. There are so many times since that I wish I'd recorded the landscape before construction, if only to make it easier to convey the state of the area today.
Now HS2 is coming. This time, I am able to record the event.

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This map provides access to the images from the 'north' area, between Southam and Hampton-in-Arden.
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north scenes map

The 'North' Index

As HS2 clears the Jurassic 'Irondowns' it enters a very different landscape of rolling hills and valleys cutting the glacial sediments and Mercian Group rocks.

It's become more difficult get from Banbury up this way over recent years, mainly due to the removal of bus services. Some time ago the bus to Rugby was discontinued. That was followed more recently by the removal of the Banbury-Southam-Leamington service. That's a pity; there's some beautiful walking to be had around here!

Consequently Leamington Spa railway station is the easiest jumping-off point for walks in this area. For those wanting to enjoy the delights of this area I'd advise you to go to Leamington, and then take one of the radiating regular bus services to Kenilworth, Rugby, Southam or University/Coventry. The top of the 'north' area is most easily accessible from Berkswell and Hampton-in-Arden rail stations.

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