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"Banburyshire" and the "Irondowns", the hilly land at the junction of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, is an area that many people pass through but few see. This photo-journal from around (and occasionally beyond) 'Banburyshire' aims to show what those speeding through on the rail- and motor-ways – and even many residents of the area – have missed.

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Recent rambles

Tuesday 13th November 2018

There are a few locations in this area where the noise and pressures of the modern day can, momentarily, be escaped. Places where the land exudes a stillness and timelessness – particularly around local standing stones and earthworks – that allow you to put the world into a bigger, slower, deeper perspective. Near to Banbury, Rainsborough Camp is one such place; and in the Autumn the walk and the views it gives are a tapestry of natural colour and texture.

Kings Sutton Station, Walton Grounds, Rainsborough Camp, Charlton, Kings Sutton – 9.9km/6⅙ miles, 140m/460ft, 2½ hours

Saturday 27th October 2018

Wychwood is one of the most spectacular Autumn walks in Oxfordshire. Unlike the Chilterns, Wychwood's varying geology & soils have a greater variety of trees and scrub – meaning many more colours. I missed it completely last year; this year I’ve been watching the countryside to find the best day to walk it. Rain is forecast, and there's cold and frost to come, so a heavy leaf fall is likely. It’s today or I might miss it again for another year.

Charlbury Station, Walcot, Chilson, Wychwood, Finstock, Fawler, Oxfordshire Way, Charlbury – 17km/10⅗ miles, 340m/1,115ft, 4¾ hours

Sunday 21st October 2018

I need a walk, but I’ve no motivation to go ‘anywhere’. Instead I go for ‘Dylanesque’ a walk to ’nowhere’: Pick a direction, go for as long as it looks like you should be going in that direction, and then turn. Walks like this can take you to come unexpected places; a chance to view some unexpected things. Even well-worn tracks can be interesting if the wind changes to some new direction.

Banbury, Oxford Canal, Oxfordshire Ironstone Railway, Wroxton, Bretch Hill – 17.7km/11 miles, 190m/625ft, 4⅓ hours

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Back in mid-June I'd promised myself, I'd delay my Summer Solstice walk for just a few days because I had to work. Well, I kept my promise and now, at last, I'm doing my Summer Solstice walk… the day before the Autumn Equinox.
Yeah, it's been a strange Summer. Traveling around Britain the heat and drought have clearly brought Autumn early, but not evenly. For weeks now the profusion of fruit, seeds, and nuts in the hedgerows have been shouting the approach of Autumn, and perhaps an equally hard Winter to come.

Kings Sutton station, Walton Grounds, Aynhoe Park, Souldern, Tusmore, Croughton, Charlton – 18.5km/11½ miles, 290m/950ft, 5 hours