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Arriving for the Free Range 'Great Outdoors'
weekend, Karuna, Shropshire, 2008

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Words are a great way to convey ideas, but sometimes pictures are better. I've been involved in video- and film-making since the late 1980s. For a long while, when the nature of my work changed in the early 2000s, I stopped.

Now I've started again.

My aim in making videos is to document the 'out-of-the-ordinary' that is part of the everyday. The often pressing issues that are ignored by the mainstream media because they are too difficult, or too hum-drum to cover. Especially with the Brexit vote (which is what spurred me into making video again), it's these 'everyday' ignored issues that will come to plague our lives more and more.

As well as the list below, my videos are available via my YouTube Channel.

The list below covers the current year. You can access the list for 2018 here, and the 2017 list here.

Latest videos:

inc image Ramblinactivist 10/17: ''Keep Space for Peace', part 2 – USAF Croughton'


This video investigates not just USAF Croughton ('RAF' assumes a level of control that does not, in reality, exist), but also the evolution of the idea of "network-centric warfare" as it has developed at this site. USAF Croughton is about to undergo a large upgrade to extend its mission. The new 'Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre' (JIAC) will create an intelligence hub in Europe that will co-ordinate NATO (but predominately US) military and intelligence services across the new 'electronic battle space'. That means not just continuing its existing involvement in various activities which violate international law and the Laws of War; it will intensify the capacity of the US to project its power using technology across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The video concludes with a brief snippet from the 'Keep Space for Peace' week demonstration and rally at Croughton in October 2017.

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inc image Ramblinactivist 1/18: 'An Otter in the River Leam'


Walking out near Wappenbury, I stop to take in the birdsong along the River Leam... when an otter swam by!

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