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Going to Extremes workshop,
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The FRAW site is largely an archive of my 'work' in the field of environment and ecology for the last 30 years. Much of that is contained in my Work Archive. The rest of the site is structured around my current interests.

As part of my work with other groups and affiliations, I also provide web space for others (sometimes temporarily) unable to arrange their own. The most significant of this provision is the Free Range Network, for which I have provided the 'on-line presence' since 1995 – when I first set up the web site.

The directory below provides access to all the different sections of the FRAW site:

FRAW Main Index
The 'main index' gives access to all parts of the FRAW site.
About Paul Mobbs and FRAW
It's difficult to describe what exactly it is I do, and what this website is for. This page attempts to do so.
Contact Paul Mobbs
It's difficult to describe what exactly it is I do, and what this website is for. This page attempts to do so.
Search FRAW
This page allows you to run a keyword search of the FRAW site. The FRAW site contains thousands of files, occupying more than gigabytes of server space. The form below uses the HtDig search engine to index the content, making it more easily available.
About Paul Mobbs and FRAW
This page provides a top-down view of the FRAW site, listing all the principal sections/subsections it is divided into.
My Work – Mobbs' Environmental Investigations and Research
I've been working with community groups for over thirty years. Since 1992 I have worked professionally as a freelance researcher, writer and environmental consultant – specializing in the needs of community-based campaigns, NGOs and small companies. This site provides access to much of my written work, as well as presentations, handouts, and some videos of my past and present activities.
Current Work
This page provides access to my most recent publications, articles and reports. It also gives a list of any forthcoming public events at which I am due to appear.
Forthcoming events
Recent publications
About my work – Ecological Futures
If I had to give a label for my work (as I am often asked to do) I would describe myself as an "ecological futurologist". For me it's important to be proactive – to define the agenda rather than chasing it. Whether I'm dealing with energy, computers or camping, we must always keep sight of where our current actions are taking us in the future – rather than obsessing upon what we're doing today.
Writings, Articles and Books
Much of my work involves carrying out research, and then writing about that research – either as an article, report or, occasionally, a book. This section of the site provides access to my various writings.
Recent research reports and studies
Fracktured Accountability
World in Chains: Nuclear Weapons, Militarisation and their Impact on Society
A Practical Guide to Sustainable ICT
Energy Beyond Oil: Could You Cut Your Energy Use by Sixty Percent?
Participating With Safety Toolkit
Civil Society Internet Rights Toolkit
Mobbsey's Musings
'Musings' is a collection of short-form papers, published articles, and pieces which never quite made it as an article. These cover a wide variety of topics, and generally reflect the themes behind my current work and research interests.
Latest posts
2018 posts
2017 posts
2016 posts
2015 posts
2014 posts
2013 posts
Ecolonomics Essay Blog
Ecolonomics is my 'irregular' long-form essay blog. "Long-form" because, in contrast to current fashionable trends for 'brevity' in all things, the papers posted here are long, detailed, and contain a long list of references. This blog is about knowledge, not news.
Work Archive
For many years I've worked primarily with community groups – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.
Latest work
Media Coverage
Video and Audio
Other Interests and Resources
When your work is your hobby (or is it the other way around?) it can be difficult to tell what part is your job and what part you do for recreation. Some things, however, are clearly not work – if only because you know there's no hope that they're going to generate an income.
Ramblinactivist's Blog
Distinct from my "professional" work, this blog takes a more broader view across human ecology, the environment, current affairs, and critically tracing a thread through all of that, rambling!
Blog Posts
Current blog posts, in reverse chronological order.
I already have short- and long-form blogs that give access to my work, but this is something different. Something stand-alone, unconnected to my professional work. Less analysis; more direct to the point.
YouTube Videos
Words are a great way to convey ideas, but sometimes pictures are better. I've been involved in video- and film-making since the late 1980s. For a long while, when the nature of my work changed in the early 2000s, I stopped. Now I've started again.
2017 Videos
2017 was a really interesting year. For the first time in more than a decade I decided to take-up video-making as a means to document the work I was undertaking. This collection was the result.
Free Range Network
The Free Range Activism Website has been on-line since 1996, and is the on-line home of the Free Range Activism Network – a "dysorganization" of campaigners, activists and experts with an interest in developing technical resources for community groups and individuals interested in "changing the world".
The Free Range Virtual Library
Action requires information – both to plan how we should act, but more generally to enable us to educate ourselves in order to decide what we should be doing to address our concerns. Getting access to information is the first practical obstacle any active citizen must master.
The Free Range Activism Concept
The Network describes itself as a "dysorganization" – that is, a group of people without any desire or expectation to create a formal structure. Even in the middle of the 1990s, it was clear that the growth of the Internet would enable individuals to do things without the need to expend effort running 'groups'. That in turn enables new ways of working as a 'community' of activists.
Free Range Resources
One of the primary activities of the network is documenting what we do; if you don't record what you do, how can others share it?
The 'Protestagram' Toolkit
The 'Feral' Stick-Fire Cooking Grate
This site is devoted to USAF Croughton (and its outstation, Barford St. John), the USA's communications and combat support base on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. Croughton is part of a global system of electronic communications, control and surveillance that works on behalf of the US military and intelligence establishment; it is an active part of both US foreign policy, and the projection of American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
Latest events/news
Latest events and media reports.
What is USAF Croughton for?
During the Cold War, the USA used Britain as a base for military operations – primarily to station aircraft, early warning radar and missile systems. In contrast, Croughton became more significant as part of the new doctrine of 'Full Spectrum Dominance'.
What does USAF Croughton do?
RAF Croughton supports Presidential, NATO, European, and Central Command, operations with 23 communications and information weapon systems. The base provides 30% of all DOD communications between Europe and CONUS, and communication for deployed and en route war fighters. Supports functions which include Civil Engineering, Services, Logistics, Medical, and Security Forces.
The new USAF Croughton Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex (JIAC)
This section is off-line, awaiting the publication of a new report on developments at USAF Croughton.
News & Technical Reports on USAF Croughton/JIAC
The main function of the Croughtonwatch is to collate information and evidence on the operations of USAF Croughton and Barford St. John. These pages contain a variety of information related to the site.
The USAF Croughton site
At the end of 1950 the USAF took over the station – and this began RAF Croughton’s new communications mission until the present day.
The USAF Barford St. John site
In 1951, as part of the development at RAF Croughton, the USAF opened a transmitter facility on the airfield. Over the years the scale and complexity of the transmitter nests at Barford grew, reaching a peak in the 1980s.
Circular Walks: USAF Croughton
This section is off-line, awaiting the publication of a guide booklet to the USAF Croughton circular walk.
Circular Walks: USAF Barford St. John
This section is off-line, awaiting the publication of a guide booklet to the USAF Barford St. John circular walk.
Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal
"Banburyshire" and the "Irondowns", the hilly land at the junction of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, is an area that many people pass through but few see. This photo-journal from around (and occasionally beyond) 'Banburyshire' aims to show what those speeding through on the rail- and motor-ways – and even many residents of the area – have missed:
Recent rambles
Current journal posts, in reverse chronological order.
The 'Scenes' Index
The 'scenes' index is just that; a collection of scenes from around Banburyshire. The index links to HD-size images of each scene, allowing you to enjoy it in far greater detail than is provided in the ordinary walks posts. Alongside each scene is a date and a map link – allowing you to find the location and enjoy the scene for real.
The 'Scenes' Map-Based Index
This map provides access to the images of the scenes index. Click on the numbers on the map to jump to the entry in the index for that scene.
"Last Chance (HS)To See"
Thirty years ago the construction of the M40 had an indelible impact upon the landscape of the area. There are so many times since that I wish I'd recorded the landscape before construction, if only to make it easier to convey the state of the area today. Now HS2 is coming. This time, I am able to record the event.
About the 'Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal
How do we relate to the real world? Within the increasingly virtual environment of the modern world, has humanity progressively lost an important part of its own identity? How do you recover that loss? Can recreation become re-creation?
Quaker Walks in Banburyshire
A microsite to support local guided walks around Banburyshire's Quaker history.
Diogenes' Lamp
'Diogenes the Cynic' lived some 2,400 years ago. In the subsequent centuries 'Cynicism' got a bad name precisely because it sought to challenge the pronouncements of society's dominant culture in a satirical manner. This blog seeks to maintain that 'cynical' spirit through the critical use of imagery, distorting visual concepts and metaphors, to show the true sense of issues in contemporary social and political debates.
Latest posts
Current blog posts, in reverse chronological order.
2017 posts index
2017 blog posts, in reverse chronological order.
2016 posts index
2016 blog posts, in reverse chronological order.