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...we're not here at the moment, but if you read our stuff you can try to help yourself!

The electrohippie collective are a group exploring the on-line boundaries of protest, organising, and the use of technologically mediated systems for networking, freedom of expression and communications in support of community or individual campaigns.

Arising out of a group of 'electronic' environmental and social activists during the late 1990s, "the electrohippies" became infamous after the Seattle Protests in 1999. Since then they have focussed on activities that keep them out of the news due to the obstructive hassles that such notoriety creates.

Today we're still avoiding the limelight, primarily because we've found over the years that we can achieve far more 'behind the scenes', helping others to realize their own needs as we pass our skills on to them.

If you'd like to learn more about us/about our past activities then please read the Computer animation imageWorld-view Overview page. This provides background information, and some tacky videos, describing our origins and our motivations. It also has a large numbers of links to the media coverage (both for and against) our work, as well as links to our past occasional papers and communiqués.

To look into our murky past, we suggest that you peruse our various archive pages:

On-site HTML index file iconAn electrohippie's World-view Overview
this is an historical account of the origins of the collective and the things we've been involved in;
On-site HTML index file iconthe electrohippies 'Q-series' publications
a collection of the electrohippies publications since 2009, produced with the Free Range Network;
On-site HTML index file iconPublications Archive
a collection of the electrohippies publications produced before 2009;
On-site HTML index file iconCoverage Archive
a list of links to various news articles that have resulted from the work of the collective;
On-site HTML index file iconVideos Archive
a collection of videos, both our own and other people's, about the world of the collective.

Our present work/role

electrohippies now operates as the 'technical resources' section of the FR electrohippie logoFree Range Network. You can find our most recent publications, the Free Range Q-series publications, in the Free Range Publications index.

If you've any burning issues you can email us via ehippies☮fraw.org.ukhowever, as we all really busy people we can't promise to reply!