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'Energy and Food' workshop, Llandeilo, 2008

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Welcome to the Free Range Activism Website, the virtual home of 'Ramblinactivist' Paul Mobbs: Rambler, Researcher, Author, Activist/Hacktivist, Camp Cook, Campaigner and Quaker – but none of the subsequent parameters in that list takes place without the influence of the first.

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The FRAW site is largely an archive of my 'work' in the field of environment and ecology for the last 30 years. Much of that is contained in my Work Archive. The rest of the site is structured around my current interests – and the various people I work with and provide web space for:

My Work – Mobbs' Environmental Investigations and Research
I've been working with community groups for over thirty years. Since 1992 I have worked professionally as a freelance researcher, writer and environmental consultant – specializing in the needs of community-based campaigns, NGOs and small companies. This site provides access to much of my written work, as well as presentations, handouts, and some videos of my past and present activities.
Ramblinactivist's Blog
Distinct from my "professional" work, this blog takes a more broader view across human ecology, the environment, current affairs, and critically tracing a thread through all of that, rambling!
Free Range Network
The Free Range Activism Website has been on-line since 1996, and is the on-line home of the Free Range Activism Network – a "dysorganization" of campaigners, activists and experts with an interest in developing technical resources for community groups and individuals interested in "changing the world".
This site is devoted to USAF Croughton (and its outstation, Barford St. John), the USA's communications and combat support base on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. Croughton is part of a global system of electronic communications, control and surveillance that works on behalf of the US military and intelligence establishment; it is an active part of both US foreign policy, and the projection of American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal
"Banburyshire" and the "Irondowns", the hilly land at the junction of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, is an area that many people pass through but few see. This photo-journal from around (and occasionally beyond) 'Banburyshire' aims to show what those speeding through on the rail- and motor-ways – and even many residents of the area – have missed:
Quaker Walks in Banburyshire
A microsite to support local guided walks around Banburyshire's Quaker history.
Diogenes' Lamp
'Diogenes the Cynic' lived some 2,400 years ago. In the subsequent centuries 'Cynicism' got a bad name precisely because it sought to challenge the pronouncements of society's dominant culture in a satirical manner. This blog seeks to maintain that 'cynical' spirit through the critical use of imagery, distorting visual concepts and metaphors, to show the true sense of issues in contemporary social and political debates.