In science communication mode presenting the
Energy and Food workshop, Llandeilo, 2008

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Paul Mobbs and Mobbs’ Environmental Investigations & Research

I've been working with community groups for over thirty years. Since 1992 I have worked as a freelance researcher, writer and environmental consultant specialising in the needs of community-based campaigns, NGOs and small companies. This site provides access to my recent public work, as well as a selection of my past written work, presentations, handouts, and other material.

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Note: This site contains my ‘work-related’ publications. If you are looking for: ‘Ramblinactivist’s Blog’, click here; or for ‘The Banburyshire Rambles Journal’, click here.

Latest updates

Recent work, publications and articles – in reverse chronological order

Paul Mobbs/MEIR, 5th August 2019

Why the Mobile Phone is Incompatible with an Ecological Lifestyle

A poster summary of my new ‘work-in-progress’ workshop/presentation being prepared for this Autumn – on the ecological footprint of mobile phones and why, from zero hours contracts to brain tumors, they are cannot be said to conform to any measure of an ecological/sustainable lifestyle.

Click here to go to the posters/presentations page for this year's ‘Fracking Truth About’ stall at the Green Gathering.

Paul Mobbs/MEIR, 1st July 2019:

The Tufton Street Brexit Nexus (‘public version’ release)

‘The Tufton Street Brexit Nexus’ is an analysis of the political and business lobby surrounding ‘Brexit’. It looks at little-known groups, such as the Mont Pelerin Society, at the heart of that network; but its core focus are a number of right-wing lobbyists who all have offices around Tufton Street, only a short walk from Parliament, whose finances are effectively ‘dark’. As no one has yet taken-up this story I have chosen to release a ‘public version’ of the research, in case it is of use to anyone else.

Click here to download the PDF version.

Paul Mobbs/MEIR, 1st July 2019:

The Website is back

After a long hiatus, in part due to a serious illness, I am now resuming work – and as a first step in that process, there has been a major overhaul of my work website. A large proportion of the old, truly out-of-date content has been deleted (sorry!). Instead I will be developing some significant new work over the next 12 to 18 months.