A kelly Kettle boils...
“Do not stare into the Kelly Kettle,
lest the Kelly Kettle stare back into thee”

Welcome to ‘Free Camping’

Lockdowns and pandemical chaos permitting, the ‘Free Camping’ project will be hopefully begin, two years late, over the Summer and Autumn of 2022. This website has been created to support the new project, providing a space where we can host information and resources to support our future outdoors events, and give-away resources to those wanting to follow this example and organise themselves.

Latest updates to the Free Camping microsite

Updates to the Free Camping site for the last year, in reverse chronological order (most recent first):

An image of 'The Stick-fire Cooking Grate' Free Range Network, 18thJanuary 2022:

‘The Stick-fire Cooking Grate’

As part of the creation of the ‘Free Camping’ microsite, the pages for the Stick-fire Cooking Grate have been upgraded with some slight revisions.