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The Free Range Network

FRAW is the on-line home of the Free Range Activism Network – a "dysorganization" of campaigners, activists and experts with an interest in developing technical resources for community groups and individuals interested in "changing the world".

The Free Range Network's On-line Resources:

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Action requires information – both to plan how we should act, but more generally to enable us to educate ourselves in order to decide what we should be doing to address our concerns. Getting access to information is the first practical obstacle any active citizen must master.

spanner bunnyThe Free Range Activism Concept
The Network describes itself as a "dysorganization" – that is, a group of people without any desire or expectation to create a formal structure. Even in the middle of the 1990s, it was clear that the growth of the Internet would enable individuals to do things without the need to expend effort running 'groups'. That in turn enables new ways of working as a 'community' of activists.

fracking truthFree Range Resources
One of the primary activities of the network is documenting what we do; if you don't record what you do, how can others share it?