The Free Range Network's “Fracking Truth”
stall at the Green Gathering, 2017

The Free Range Network

The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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Welcome to the Free Range ‘web presence’!

As an unstructured collective the Network doesn't do meetings, events, etc. Instead this site collects the work produced under the Free Range ‘umbrella’ and makes it available on-line. The section below provides a list of the latest updates. Otherwise browse through the tabs to find out about our interests, and or work around those ‘themes’.

Latest updates:

WEIRD, Thinking Beyond Technology:

Issue no.1: ‘The Lockdown Edition’, Beltane 2020

How do you talk about freeing ourselves from the gadgets that define our lives, when the way everyone communicates these days is defined by those gadgets?

For more information goto the WEIRD Main index.

Free Range Network, 17th December 2019:

“We live in a democracy”: Can you show me some evidence of that?

It has become a well-worn trope to blame our disconnected politics on problems with political parties. What if, however, the problem isn’t simply that people are not supporting political parties; what if the deeper problem is that people no longer see politics as having agency in their lives? – and so are not voting.

The Free Range Network’s ‘UK Democracy Chart’ maps election statistics from the last century to show the growing mis-match between people and the politicians they elect – and can be downloaded as an A2 or A3 poster.

Free Range Network, 3rd October 2019:

A new Free Range Theme – ‘Weaponising Big Data’

Following recent successes with the CroughtonWatch project, the network is helping foster ‘Citizen’s Monitoring Groups’ at ‘kill chain’ sites across Britain. The Weaponising Big Data site has been established to support this effort.

The site is a directory to (currently) 24 sites involved in various aspects of cyber- or ‘algorithmic’-war, autonomous drones, and mass on-line surveillance. As the site develops it will work to support groups to taking-on responsibility for policing their own local site.

Free Range Network, 5th August 2019:

The Green Gathering, 2019

Back once again from this year's Green Gathering, and we have put up this listing all the poster presentations from the Free Range Network’s ‘Fracking Truth’ stall. These are the ‘working drafts’. Final versions will be made available in the Autumn, via the ‘The Fracking Truth’ theme page, after we have considered feedback from the public on their content.

CroughtonWatch, 1st July 2019:

USAF Croughton: ‘Keep Space for Peace’ – March and Rally, 2019

Ahead of the march and rally at USAF Croughton on 5th October 2019, this short video has been produced to explain the issues behind the operation of Croughton today. More information to come, with details of speakers, in a few weeks.

To watch the video on YouTube, click here.

Free Range Themes, 28th June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘CroughtonWatch’

The ‘CroughtonWatch’ site has moved and fallen under the umbrella of the Free Range Network. This new ‘theme’ contains a stripped down version of the old web site. Much of the original content has been preserved, and the ability to update in future has been added. In the meantime, put Saturday 5th October in your diary – the date of the next USAF Croughton March & Rally; starts at noon!

Free Range Themes, 26thth June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘The Free Range Activism Campaigns Kit (FRACK)’

In Summer 2017 we launched ‘The Protestagram’ and evaluated its use as part of some workshops we ran. It was always intended to be one of four similar-styled posters. Over the Summer of 2019 we’ll release the new posters and the web site that will go with them. Until then this page has been created as a place holder for that material.

Free Range Themes, 25th June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘Wild Camping’

The new ‘Wild Camping’ themes has been set up. This bundles up the old Stick Fire Cooking Grate materials, and brings back the decade-old ‘Great Outdoors’ work, to create a new project – focussing on learning the skills of low impact living through camping and cooking outdoors. More information will be added over the Summer.

Free Range Themes, 17th June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘Electrosmog’

In August the Free Range Network will be launching some new materials on the theme of ‘Electrosmog’ – the ecological and human health impacts of mobile phones, wifi, and ‘wireless’ technology in general. This new theme will carry-over some of the content of the Free Range Library's ‘Esmog’ category, and supplement that with new resources. Until August this page has been created as a place holder for that material.

Free Range Themes, 15th June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘Energy – The Fracking Truth’

Each year, near the end of July, the Free Range Network produces a set of graphs and diagrams that illustrate Britain's energy system – which we then take on tour to festivals and events. We have set-up this new theme to house this information ready for when we produce this year's ‘infographics’ in a few weeks time.

Free Range Themes, 12th June 2019:

The Free Network’s new site

We’ve regenerated! As part of the reorganisation of FRAW the old web site has been deleted and a new one has been created from scratch: Some of the old stuff has gone; the Free Range Library has been deleted (mostly); and some of the new stuff isn’t finished yet – hence what we’ve created is a place holder for what is to come. We hope you enjoy the new site.