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Designing the 'Tech2 Regulator', 2002

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The world – especially the on-line world – is increasingly snared by intellectual property rights. On FRAW we try to avoid that by taking the opposite approach. We share our information resources.

Copyright and Open Documentation

CC logo Wherever possible the information on this site is made available under free documentation licenses.

That doesn't make it "copyright free" (or "anti-copyright"/"@-copyright") – which would allow anyone to appropriate it and use for wholly different purposes. Instead the use of open licenses allows copyright material to be made freely available under certain conditions.

In general, you should assume that any information on FRAW site is freely available for use on a non-commercial, attribution and share-alike basis. Each page should clearly state the copyright status so that you can use the material appropriately.

The free documentation licenses we use on the FRAW site are:

The Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.0 license
The 'CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 UK – England & Wales' license. Since the Creative Commons licenses was updated to reflect the legal jurisdictions of different states we've been using this license for on-line and hard-copy works.
The Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 license
The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0' license. This is the generic Creative Commons 'BY-NC-SA' license we sometimes use for on-line and hard-copy distribution.
GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2
The 'GFDLv1.2' license. This is the older free documentation license used on some of our works from the early 2000s.
The 'GPL3' license. Gnu General Public license version 3
We use GPLv3 to license software works.

Recycled computer workshop, Grizedale Centre, 2002

Click on the links above to obtain a copy of each license.

The principal difference between these licenses is that the GPL/GFDL allow commercial use of the information with the appropriate acknowledgement of the authors, whilst the CC-NC-SA does not allow commercial use in any form.

Some activists use the @nticopyright label to release their information under. The problem with this is that it allows those who the activists campaign against to appropriate the information and use it against them.

For this reason this site uses free documentation licenses that use the law as a tool, to control the use of the information provided through the FRAW site, in order to prevent the undesirable commercial exploitation of our work.