Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal

Paul Mobbs’ photographic record of his walks around ‘Banburyshire’ and ‘The Irondowns’, and occasionally, as part of his work around Britain, the areas beyond.

Where a page has a row of icons near the top, with an accessibility icon and a link to ‘blog accessibility information’, it has been upgraded with additional accessibility features. Pages without the link or icon are still operating under the old, ‘basic’, accessibility system.

We’d welcome your feedback on the ‘upgrades’. You can get in touch with ‘Ramblinactivist’ via: Facebook; Twitter; or, email.

The main accessibility page lists the features of all the pages on the site except the blog posts. This page lists the hotkeys for the blog post pages.

Keyboard access to blog posts

To remind you, the link titles with hotkeys usually state which key to use. Hover over the link or button and the title label should list any hotkey attached to it. Unfortunately not all screen readers present that information in the same way.

Note, if you use the 'Tab' key to step through the links, this will not select the photos directly. Instead select the 'Back' or 'Next' button and use that instead. This has been done to avoid having to step through the long list of photo links when tabbing through the page.

These are the hot keys for the photo-blog pages of the Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal:

'Hotkey' with 'A' to ‘T’select photos

The photo-blog pages can display up to 20 images in the slide player. The first image is hotkey 'A', the second 'B', and so on. That means keys A to T can be used to select images directly (which is why photo-blog pages have to have a different set of keys).

'Hotkey' & 'W'stop/start the display

The photos are displayed in order after a set delay for each frame. This automatic display can be stopped and started with the 'W' key.

'Hotkey' & 'X''Back'

This steps the photo display back one slide.

'Hotkey' & 'Y''Next'

This advances the photo display by one slide.

'Hotkey' & 'A''First'

There is also a button marked 'First', which jumps to the first slide. Hotkey 'A' has the same effect.

'Hotkey' & 'U'go to map location

Nearly all photos will have a link to a map location, activated with 'U'. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee its accessibility.

'Hotkey' with '1' to ‘9’select bookmark

Longer pages are divided into bookmarked numbered sections, listed at the start of the page. Use number keys to jump to that section.

'Hotkey' & '0'jump to bookmarks list

This returns you to the bookmarks list at the start of the page.

'Hotkey' & 'Z'background image

This gives access to information about the background image for the page.

Finally, for those who use a screen reader.

There is an Aria live region defined that should read the caption for each photo as it is displayed. Unfortunately we’ve found screen reader technology to be very inconsistent in how it works. We hope it works for you (and we’d appreciate any feedback that you have on this).

We hope that this helps you get around the blog posts a little easier.