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This page explains the copyright and reuse status of the content of Ramblinactivist’s Blogs

In affluent states, technology has become ubiquitous; the challenge today is to give people access to technology in a way that is not exploitative and controlling. That process begins by making the knowledge of how to manipulate ‘stuff’ open; and where necessary challenging the monopoly restrictions of intellectual property by freely circulating that knowledge in ways that circumvent the stifling controls on free speech that the concentration of social/mass media ownership creates.

Unless otherwise stated, all video, text, and images in this blog have been created by Paul Mobbs – copyright as dated in each part of the series. If any material has been created by someone else it will be clearly flagged as such in the text with appropriate credits and links.

All materials are released under the CC-BY-NC-SACreative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 4.0 International license. Where other materials, not produced by Paul Mobbs are included in the series these will have been issued under compatible open licences.

You can download a copy of the CC-BY-NC-SA license from the site. Essentially the CC-BY-NC-SA license allows you to reuse my materials for non-profit purposes, provided that you give acknowledgement of the source.

Please note, I am a freelance writer and consultant. You may purchase non-exclusive rights to the materials in this series for commercial publication, or I could produce bespoke articles if they are required. Note that for those who are interested, I can also run (for a fee) workshops around the issues raised in my various blogs.

If you have specific queries about my material, please get in touch.

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