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Paul Mobbs’ blog on lifestyle change and simplicity, exploring the ecological and psychological dimensions of regularly spending time outdoors

At the root of this discussion is a very simple question: “What if, one day, everything just stopped; could you survive?”. I don’t mean apocalypse; I mean engaging with the very practical reality that long before human civilisation ends, or nears the end, ‘consumerism’ will have collapsed first.

That is what this series will explore: How it is possible to learn to live “when the lights go out”, and to do that very easily and cheaply. How, by spending time developing practical skills outdoors – outside of the restrictions of today’s everyday ‘normality’ – you can learn to move beyond the restrictions of that life, as the inevitable breakdown of ‘normality’ grinds inexorably forward over the next 10 to 20 years.

This site merges ‘Ramblinactivist’ Paul Mobbs’ ‘work’ and ‘relaxation’ blogs to develop a new way of looking at today's multiple, related ecological crises. It proposes that the response of us as individuals is entirely the same no matter what the issue – creating a new simpler, less material lifestyle outside of the common expectations of ‘modern’ society.

Most recent blogposts:

Long Walks & A/P, Part 1, Yule 2020 (published 25th February 2021:

‘An Introduction, with Musical Trees’

An introduction to my new blog – and the importance of change as a process where you are open to chance discoveries rather than just dogmatic advance planning.

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