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As you may of noted, the Free Range website is undergoing a bottom-up rebuild to save space, improve accessibility and scalability on different display devices. Currently our project micro-sites are undergoing a more prolonged rewrite as we decide how to develop them in the future. Consequently they're lagging behind the rest of the update.

Free Range project micro-sites

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The Free Camping Project

The Free Range ‘Free Camping’ Project aims to teach the skills of simple living and degrowth through leaning practice of Free Camping. It's an English & Welsh land rights project focussing on the history land rights in Britain, and Free Camping to enact lifestyle change and regenerative ecopsychology.

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The Travelling Exhibition

The Free Range Network's travelling exhibition – which during the 2010s was called ‘The Fracking Truth about Energy’ – is the Free Range Network’s presentation/information on energy, resources, and the environment in Britain. These pages contain the parts of the exhibition which we make freely available for use by the public.

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Free Range Activism Campaigns Kit (FRAK)

‘FRAK’ has been a long-term project to teach the law and public rights on activism, protest, and land access. It's been a little delayed due to pandemics and awaiting the government's recent crackdown on dissent, but is relaunching in late 2022.

Free Range project micro-sites - awaiting update

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This site is devoted to USAF Croughton (and its outstation, Barford St. John) on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire – part of a global electronic communications, control and surveillance that works on behalf of the US military and intelligence establishment, projecting of American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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The Free Range Network is currently liaising with the electrohippies collective about relaunching their on-line presence. In the meantime their 'legacy' site continues.

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Electrosmog Project

This site provides documentation around the issue of ‘electronic smog’ (esmog) – the growth in digital communications devices emitting high-frequency radio waves, such as 5G, wifi and mobile phones, and their impacts upon human health and the environment.

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Weaponising Big Data

A Free Range research project on the military and intelligence sites in Britain that are preparing for offensive cyberwarfare and automated state surveillance.

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