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Videos from the Blog

This page lists the videos produced for the Blog, which introduce the ideas explored in the blog posts in visual form.

Rather than just talk about the issues I want to highlight in the blog, each blog post has an accompanying video that illustrates the ideas being talked about with some practical action.

Each video works a stand-alone production; but to fully understand the depths of what is discussed, you need to read the blog post and follow the references the text provides. Note that videos are made for the main blog posts; the ‘Radical References’ area has an accompanying audio podcast instead of a video.

Blog videos:

The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.4 of 2021 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2021/4, 25th February 2021:

‘An Introduction, with Musical Trees’

In this first part I define what the new blog seeks to cover, and where -- literally -- I'd like to take you. There's a whole world of research around solutions to ecological collapse which involve “having less”; but few will even acknowledge its existence, and why it is the only viable solution.

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The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.15 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/15, 28th April 2022:

Kelly Kettles and the Practise of Zero Carbon Cooking Outdoors

Metal containers for boiling water are ‘ancient’; but what do you think ancient Greek (their word, ‘kotyle’) or Roman people used to heat their pans? Electricity? Kerosine? Compressed petroleum gas? Heating water is foundational to human society – a technology that defines us. How do we maintain that skill in an increasingly uncertain world?

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The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.23 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/23, 23rd July 2022:

‘Electric Shock!’ – Technological Complexity and the Modern Lifestyle

There is a myth, accepted across modern society without question: ‘Technology makes life better’. It’s a proposition treated as a ‘rule’, when in fact it is a ‘function’: A certain level of technology certainly improves human lifestyle; but beyond a certain point technology creates a ‘trap’ – where growing complexity creates a higher risk to our well-being should those systems suddenly fail.

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