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Introduction: The ecological 'lie of the land'
A radical change to land rights in Britain is essential to changing our global impact.
☮ ‘We Are All Part of the Same Compost Heap’
Let’s strip away all our ‘civilised’ pretences and view ourselves for what we are.
History file: ‘Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth’
Agreed by people from 100 nations at a conference in Bolivia in 2010.
☮ The one thing that money can’t buy: ‘Poverty’
When everything is reduced to an economic value, only that value has relevance.
Numerical Ramblings: ‘The Land’, by the numbers
Before we proceed, let’s define what ‘this land’ is
☮ The ‘green’ environmental message has failed
For the majority, the environmental lobby does not represent their best interests.
☮ You cannot ‘redistribute’ a deficit
“If only the land/wealth were more fairly shared things would be much better”
☮ Change and an ‘ecological’ vision of land rights
An ‘ecological’ vision of land rights isn't just about the ‘physical’ access to land.
☮ A truly ecological society cannot exist while proprietary rights persist
Creating a truly ecological society requires we tear-down the barrier which stands in opposition to that - 'proprietary rights'.
In conclusion: Change is hard, but in the near future inaction will be a lot worse
Anarchist principles provide the most effective means to order from the chaos of the collapse of industrial society.

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