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Introduction: ‘Welcome the Extinction’
An introduction to this second edition, where we directly ‘welcome to extinction’ of what passes for normality, in the hope that people will move on and organise for something better.
History File: ‘Tactics’
An extract from ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky, a log of civil rights organising in 1950s and 1960s America.
☮ ‘Truth’ and the rise of ‘green technocracy’
When laying claim to “reality”, we must be careful we are not deceiving ourselves
☮ ”Eat the Rich”: Like it or not, the environment is a ‘class’ issue
The contradiction at the heart of the environment movement preventing action to create ‘true’ ecological change.
☮ Climate change is not the problem; everything is
There are between ten and twenty ecological trends, any one of which could collapse the ‘modern’, technologically-enabled human system. Why then focus most of our energies on just one?
☮ ‘Beyond Politics’: Rebels without applause’
When metropolitan leftist politics disappears up its own press release.
☮ Environmentalism’s silence over ‘the limits to growth’ is an offence akin to climate denial
Why does the environmental movement complain about ‘climate change denial’, when they ignore the scientific research on the limits to economic growth?
The original version of that article is available here.
☮ "Nine meals from anarchy?" That’s not our kind of anarchy!
It's time for activists to reclaim the deep ecological roots that inspired the environment movement, and create the resources and energy that supports humans, not machines.
☮ The trouble with ‘consumer vegans’
Meat-free consumerism has no soul, nor any point
Numerical Ramblings: ‘We’ll I didn’t vote for him’
Why Britain’s electoral system is incapable of delivering a radical alternative to ‘business as usual’.

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